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Spirituals Are Lovely To Listen To

By Alyssa Riggs
We all need encouragement in life. Music has a huge part in this as music is very powerful. It can uplift the soul like nothing else can. Find what spirituals that you enjoy hearing and listen to them when you can. If you need an uplifting word, that would be the time to turn one on. They were used in slavery times for those affected to hang in there and find hope.

The melodies and harmonies in these pieces of music is really quite amazing. They can speak volumes to those who are discouraged and need a lift. Try finding one today in this genre and see how you like it. Go to a store in your local town that sells music. Put the CD in your player and then you will have many hours ahead of you to listen.

People of African descent were involved in slavery had a very hard time coping with this adversity. They were murdered and many of them took their own lives because the circumstances around them were too much to bear. Many of them listened to spirituals and wrote them as well to keep their head up and stay hopeful that they would soon get out of it.

Music has a power that is quite hard to explain. It just has this power that is so emotional for the listener that they can barely stand it at times. It can give great joy or great sorry or anger depending on what you listen to. When other forms of help are not there for us, we can always turn to music. How wonderful that it is always there when other things fail.

Composing music is not easy, but once you get the hang of it, it is quite simple. If you have a few skills under your belt, it can really help you. Keep practicing until you get the hang of it. The melody and harmony are the most important parts. Let your soul and heart decide when you listen and maybe even write one of your own.

Some African-American churches today listen to these types of songs as well as those that did in history. They are beautiful to listen to. You could hear them by attending a southern Baptist church. Find out what their service time and sit and listen to the sermon and the music. You will most likely not leave without feeling refreshed and loved.

Look online to find some of the pieces of music. They are there to purchase digitally or as a hard copy. If you want to take it with you in your portable CD player, purchase the hard copy. If you want the digital copy, you must have your MP3 player to take the download from the Internet and then it will be stored.

If you are looking for a nice way to spend your afternoon, listen to spirituals in your CD player. They are so pretty to listen to and can really encourage you through your darkest hour. Without the presence of music in our lives, many of us would feel lost and empty. It really is so important to listen to music often.

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