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Speculating On The 18 Missing Years Of Jesus Christ

By Lela Perkins
The Holy Bible is the preeminent authority on what most people know and understand about the prophet the Christian faith calls the son of God. The New Testament holds multiple stories regarding his historic birth, accounts of childhood adventures, his teachings and details revolving around his infamous crucifixion, resurrection and incredible ascension into Heaven. What is not covered in this tome are the 18 missing years of Jesus Christ in the middle.

The details of his immaculate conception and historical birth are documented quite well, and there are numerous tales from his childhood. His later life, meeting of the disciples, teaching and everything leading up to his crucifixion and subsequent miracles are also quite prominent in the Bible. What seems to be conspicuously absent are the years between ages thirteen and thirty-one.

There are many theories about what may have occurred during that mysterious time frame. Some ideas are based on the various writings of the time, books that were removed from the Bible and other more recently discovered scrolls. These texts have opened up a lot of controversial possibilities and interesting conjecture that have lead to many heated sessions of debate among the various schools of thought.

Some believe that after the incident at the temple, when a then thirteen year old Jesus was ousted for daring to contradict the rabbi, that the family moved on to avoid further issue. It is said that he traveled to many distant lands such as Babylon, Rome and Athens and several others. Those accounts tell of many miracles being performed and valuable lessons being shared.

Perhaps the theory that makes the church most irate is the one that he had an ordinary family life and made many human choices. The idea that he had multiple siblings would stand to reason that they provided many nieces and nephews. The belief that he married and had children could mean that there are still modern day descendants of Christ in existence.

The accounts state that he never stopped teaching or providing service to others as well as performing the occasional miracle. Everywhere he went he collected more followers and dedicated disciples who continued to do his work even after he moved on to a new place. Spreading the word of God and instructing others on how they were expected to live and behave towards their fellow man was his main objective.

Practically all accounts agree that he was a great humanitarian who never stopped rallying for the rights of all people. He was reported to be one of the earliest and strongest supporters of fair treatment of women and the banishment of harsh punishment for supposed sins. His lessons reinforced and stressed that each person is responsible to look out for the welfare of the weak, downtrodden or poor, as well as both the elderly and children.

There have been hundreds of works of fiction speculating on what may have happened during the 18 missing years of Jesus Christ. Though some claim to be factual, there is no definitive proof at this time as to where he went or what he did in that period and many writings contradict each other. This is a subject that is sure to remain one of the most discussed and debated topics for many decades to come.

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