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Some Views On Jack Van Impe False Prophet

By Adele Madden
Preaching to many people can already be done in different ways nowadays. These preachers like to find the best medium that will allow them to reach a large audience. To do this, most of them use the television as their medium. This is very effective and is used by many, including jack van impe false prophet.

Those who do this thing is referred to as televangelists. They are known as such because they use the television to be an evangelist and do their ministry through it. This practice is quite popular in the USA and this can reach a lot of viewers. Because most of them belong to a Christian congregation, their TV followers also come from the congregations that they belong to.

Mr. Van Impe has a weekly show that is named after him. This program has a regular schedule and during this time, they talk about different news items. He tackles these matters by quoting Bible verses and interpreting them in relation to the issue. Today, his program can be seen in various countries and not only in US.

He is known as the walking bible in his show. This is due to his skill in memorizing the verses in the book, particularly the New Testament. His knowledge and skill in finding the most apt verse is very helpful when he discusses different current events. This TV ministry of his is done together with his co-host and wife, Rexella.

Many people have been following him over the years. They have seen and heard his views and opinions about different events. They have also witnessed his predictions about different things like the event that he refers to as the Rupture. However, the dates that he had predicted came by and passed without this event happening.

Since his predictions never happen, several viewers already view him as false. His fallacious prophecies have discouraged people and made them lose their trust on him. Due to this fact, they feel disappointed and they have lost their belief on whatever he is preaching.

Many online forums have been established that contain the comments of his viewers. Many of them have openly expressed their disbelief on what he has to say. They have also expressed disappointments because of the false prophecies that he made and this led them to think that he is not for real and that his ministry is only used to earn money.

However, there are also others who remain faithful and follow him in his preachings. They still think that he knows what he is talking about because he has mastered the Bible. Even if he made prophecies that never came true, they still tune in to his program and listen to his teachings and learn from them.

The future is hard to see and no one knows exactly what will happen. However, many also believe that the Bible can be used as a guide to know what to expect from it. Because of this, preachers and televangelists like jack van impe false prophet interpret it, although they might have differences. It will be up to you, as the viewer, to discern which of them has it correctly.

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