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Some Thoughts On Jack Van Impe False Prophet

By Jill Faulkner
Some people today would have declared Jack Van Impe false prophet. He is a known televangelist who has his own weekly television series where he expresses his interpretation of the Bible. His show is aired in the United States, Canada, and many other countries. According to his website, this man claims to be the walking Bible.

This evangelist has openly made proclamations about when Jesus Christ would come back to earth. He predicted it would be May 2, 2011 but did not happen. Another date he proclaimed was October 21, 2011 which was still untrue. The most recent one was December 21, 2012 which was supposedly the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar. Again, this was untrue.

With his erroneous claims in the past, some people became doubtful of his predictions and everything he has to say. He has lost credibility to the people who believed in his words before. His fallacious claims lead others to claim he is fake. Trust is easily broken if one realizes he has been deceived by another in one way or another.

It may be easy to trust someone about certain things. However, once trust is broken, things can never be the same again. This is exactly what some people might have felt after hearing and seeing that non of his predictions ever came true. Those untruthful claims did not only happen once but many times.

For those who are knowledgeable of Bible scriptures, it has been said that false shepherds would come to make false proclamations. They may seem like they are preaching about the good but actually they are only working to feed themselves. They make people believe to get benefits for themselves. They earn money from their books, tapes, and videos.

Seeing someone credible and trusted make mistakes can take down people’s faith. This known televangelist has given people false hopes. Some of those people are those who have believed in him right from the start. There are followers how were very dismayed with his public statements which were all wrong. This made people aware of such blunders.

While there are many of those who have lost their faith and trust, there are still those who are avidly following the televangelist. Despite his incorrect claims and failed predictions, some are still eager to hear his teachings. After all, it is entirely up to a person whether he chooses to believe in another or not.

Earlier this year, another proclamation of Jack Van Impe has caused a stir among his followers. After a series of incorrect and failed predictions, he has found another subject. According to him, a Muslim dictator is creating a law that would kill all professing Christians. With this law, Christians in other places of the globe will be killed.

No one can ever really predict what is ahead. It is only up to people whether to believe such proclamations or not. Those who are curious about Jack Van Impe false prophet can watch his show and decide if there is a bit of truth to his claims or non at all. Whether he is really telling the truth or otherwise still remains a question.

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