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Sole Objectives Of Negro Spirituals

By Tamika Quinn
Globally every ethnic group endeavors to protect and preserving their culture and heritage. Means that they use to achieve this include, writing of songs, preserving their art and use oral of means such story telling. The black American community who originally came from Africa used songs popularly known as Negro spirituals to serve the above purpose. The descendants have also come up with new ones but the theme is still the same. Below we will focus on the intended roles that these tunes were to play amongst them.

Slavery was a very cumbersome activity. People were subjected to very long hours of hard labor. To lessen the feeling, the captives would use songs to motivate each other. Not only did they act to make working easier, they also had a message of hope of redemption. It played a big role in bonding them as a unit and prevented wrangles among them.

Though slavery is a very spiritually challenging, this did not detour the captives from believing in God. Many of the African Americans converted and became devoted to Christianity. They used to congregate and sing songs of faith which clearly portrayed their belief. This helped a lot in giving them hope that one day they will be released basing their arguments on the story of Moses. Also when eventually slavery was abolished, faith made them to forgive and able to leave harmoniously with their masters.

When blacks were brought to America they lost their original language. Communication amongst them and the slave masters was done in English. But some matters arose that needed great confidentiality. Issues of planning of escape and revolutions were best kept in secret. Some songs were used for this. They were written by use of coded language in which one would describe his mission regardless of the presence of his masters.

To create social awareness these songs were used. When issues arose that required the whole participation of the blacks in slavery, spirituals were used to pass this information. The most important of all is when the slaves thought that the time to advocate for their freedom came. They used hymns to marshal themselves up and fight in one spirit. This played a vital role in their endeavor and also their final release. Their heirs presently are using the same idea to deal with problems that are facing their community currently.

These songs were also used to educate their descendants about their history. They usually described all information on how they came from Africa to their present land. Students, who took to study history, viewed them as a form of library. Albums of them are found in libraries and are used in research. This has helped many who were not born in time of slavery to have a sense of belonging and pride.

Aches are used to be healed through many ways. Physical ailments are known to be relieved by medicines and even tears are proven to heal the heart. Most of these spirituals were drawn to deal with the sorrowful feeling when it arises. People used to sing in order to calm themselves when emotionally they were down.

In conclusion, we should forever cherish our heritage and preserve it. Society can use past scenarios to come up with solutions to present problems. Negro spirituals should be used in such circumstances.

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