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Sightings Of Jesus Happen Everyday In Society

By Marissa Velazquez
There are so many sightings of Jesus on the rise in America and other countries. People everywhere claim that this great man has touched their lives in so many different ways. At times many of these stories seem to be quite unreal but in the end they all have some validity. Many individuals get together in groups to discuss their recent accounts with this gentle man who made a major mark on the world.

Youngsters everywhere have started to change their attitudes when it comes to the church and Bible. They have organized many religious clubs throughout high schools which center around this famous person. These young lives were changed for the better once they accepted the word of God and all of his apostles. Sometimes these very smart youth will tell others about their experiences.

In the western part of America many people have heard the strange tale about the youthful male who could not handle his alcohol. He had decided to attend an event which supplied drugs and alcohol to anyone who wanted to sin. All youngsters attending the sinful party were in no condition to drive themselves or anyone else home.

The very eager boy decided to drink as much as he could before climbing into his very small automobile. This was one decision that was made in complete haste. Another concerned individual begged him to stay the night at this very enormous house but he refused. He also enjoyed driving very fast and this is exactly what he did after leaving.

While driving down the dark winding road a deer suddenly jumped in front of the young man’s vehicle. He tried his best to put on the brakes but they had failed miserably. The small car flipped several times onto the road and finally landed upside down.

The boy seemed to be doing just fine inside of this damaged car but he could not get his seat belt loose. Within seconds he could feel very strong arms tugging at him through the shattered window. He felt himself being pulled by someone with brute strength and this was indeed a good thing. The stranger made sure that he was alright before getting additional help.

The individual driving the truck stopped to see what was going on near the wreckage. The driver slowly got out of his transport and walked over to where the boy way resting. He could tell that this youngster was still very much alive but the stranger who had stopped him had disappeared. The only human being left on this roadside was the youth who had caused all of the chaos.

There was no doubt that this driver had read about other sightings of Jesus within the United States. To this day no one has ever found the good person who helped this boy in his time of need. A newspaper had even offered a reward to the individual who had saved the youth but no one ever came forward. Many people started to believe that angels do exist after all. After being released from the hospital this youngster truly changed his ways.

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