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Recent Worldwide Sightings Of Jesus

By Camille Nicholson
Sightings of Jesus have been reported at various places around the world ever since this remarkable man died at the hands of Roman soldiers. Many people, then and now, have scoffed at the reports, while others believe in one or more of the accounts. People have traditionally made pilgrimages to remote areas where events were reported.

It is easy to dismiss a report of a pizza with the face of Jesus clearly depicted in tomato sauce or one that says he was seen by dozens of people in a cloud formation. This could, of course, be imagination, or mass hysteria, or wishful thinking. However, to witnesses this sort of event can carry great significance.

The birth of Jesus was heralded by an unusually brilliant and mobile star, so it seems doubtful that a man whose teaching changed the world would be seen in food, mud puddles, or wisps of vapor in the air. However, who can say what God might choose to do? Those who would like to see evidence of His presence in their daily life eagerly follow reports of such things.

There are many reports of people on their death bed or in their last illness testifying to having been visited by Jesus. Nurses and doctors are familiar with these episodes, which often make news headlines. Books and documentaries abound on what are termed ‘near death experiences’; these accounts of patients who were dead as far as their vital signs were concerned but who ‘come back’ can be very vivid and believable.

Dreams and visions are one way that people come to faith in a risen Christ. Even those of other cultures who have not heard the Gospel preached have reported divine visitations. People in dangerous situations often tell tales of being guided, sustained, comforted, and delivered by someone they know to be the Lord.

For those who believe that this actual historical figure was divine, such experiences strengthen their faith and make up part of their testimony about their spiritual journey on this earth. The fact that many of these people are children, seemingly too young and inexperienced to make up such dramatic stories, lends credence to the reports. Books have been written, sermons preached, and even news reports issued about such episodes.

Others of different faiths or even avowed agnostic beliefs have found this sort of experience to be a life changing one. From states of unbelief and doubt, they progress to faith in a personal God who came to earth to save lost souls and now is coming in person to seek a relationship with individual people.

The internet is full of photos, stories, rumors, and news accounts of sightings of Jesus. They cause much controversy; many believe more strongly than ever and others scoff at the whole idea. Books, sermons, documentaries, and blogs have all been based on the idea that the son of God might be revealed in earthly things, in dreams, or in visions happening the world.

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