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Reasons That Jack Van Impe False Teacher Accusations Have Grown

By Marsha Klein
Throughout history, there have been many religious leaders in the world. Some have gained enormous fame and have become well known throughout the world. No matter how popular one gets, they will always have their critics. Jack Van Impe is a televangelist who has received some criticism. Jack Van Impe false teacher claims have surfaced ever since he began preaching the word of God decades ago.

With that said, the preacher has a very large following. Although, most people do not listen to his teachings in person, they are regularly taught by watching and listening to him on television. His television show airs in almost every major city in the United States. Some people in other countries, such as Canada, are also able to listen to him.

Jack Van Impe teaches his students some unique teachings that they will not find anywhere else. The main lectures of his teachings have to do with the end times when Christ returns. This makes up about 99 percent of his teachings. Even though this is a very important part of the Bible, many critics feel that it should not be the only focus and that a preacher should teach other aspects of the Bible as well.

He very rarely speaks about being born again, the creation of man in Genesis or the teachings of Jesus Christ. Occasionally, he may mention something, but it is very rare. Instead, 99 percent of his teachings have to do with the events leading up to the Revelation of Christ.

One of the main things his critics point out is that he is very good at twisting the Bible around to fit whatever it is that he is trying to prove. They feel that many people watching his show are ignorant of the word of God and that this man can easily lead them astray. They feel that this is one major reason why his following has grown so large.

Jack usually will teach his viewers by current events that are presently going on in the world. A very popular teaching of his has to do with something called Chrislam. He teaches that in the end times, Christians and Muslim people will join forces and create a world dominate religion called Chrislam.

This is a very unique teaching that most teachers do not support. They say that it is unbiblical and that there is no biblical scriptures that support an event like this ever happening. This comes from both Christian scholars as well as Muslim scholars. Even though he is quite unique in his teachings, those who follow him believe that he is a very knowledgeable man who is a walking Bible. Part of the reason for this is his ability to be able to quote so many scriptures from the top of his head. Some would say it is just a good memory, but his followers have no doubt that this man has been blessed by God.

Every single week, this preacher will take current events and fit them into bible prophecy. Although, world events and politics is believed by almost all biblical teachers to be significant in future prophecy, many believe that Jack Van Impe false teacher claims come from the fact that he tries to fit every single thing that happens as an end time event. Whether a false teacher or not, Jack has certainly had bible teaching career that has spanned for many years.

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