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Reasons For Acknowledging Sightings Of Jesus

By Lawanda Murray
The acknowledgement of Gods existence has spread through out the world. Many individuals believe that God speaks to people in form of the usual things used in daily basis. However, other people do not even acknowledge the existence of God. The act of believing in true worship has therefore diverse ways of dealing with it. Many Christians have believed sightings of Jesus are true and are made for different reasons.

As a certain woman was watching her television, she witnessed a strange happening. Her cell phone disconnected immediately from functioning. She tried if it could work that night but it did not until the next day when it successfully operated. It was then when she discovered a strange image in her cell phone. After she examined it keenly, she said that it was the image of Christ.She believed that God had a purpose for disclosing Himself to her so she decided to offer some of her possession to the poor.

A Christian from Viejo Mission explains how he found Jesus picture in his home chair. He had decided to throw the seat when he noticed Christ icon in this chair. He dismissed the plans of throwing this seat and started exhibiting it to people. He has planned to market it at $25000.

A Christian whose parish is Ogbourne St. George said that God disclosed to him in form of a liquefying candle. He says that it was during the preparation of Easter as he was resting in the church when he saw a Christ icon. This icon was melting from a candle in the church platform. This believer acknowledged this as true and told it to many people who later believed it was a true image of Jesus.

A woman claims that a priest gave her a birthday gift of the Virgin Mary. She kept it for sometime when the images started showing the tears flowing from it. This lady told it to many people who came to her house to worship God and acknowledge the truth of such image. Her house became a place where many people go to worship and it has been believed to be a true revelation.

In 1977, a housewife by the name Maria Rubio in New Mexico claims that she noticed the Icon of Christ one morning as she was preparing tortillas for breakfast for her husband. By the end of that day many people got the message about this tortilla and a crowd lined out of her house aiming to worship the tortilla.

As a woman in Florida was going on with her daily life she came across a cheese sandwich that had the icon of Christ on it. This woman chose to store it well for long period. It was during the ninth year when she decided to sell this icon. She successfully sold this image and she got a good amount of money.

The idea of people having different opinions should not lead them to disbelieving in Gods visions to different people. Thus, people should believe in the visions, which God reveal to people in different ways not ignoring any of these images since they usually have a hidden meaning. God reveals sightings of Jesus to people to help strengthen their Christian values.

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