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Real Proof Of Sightings Of Jesus

By Tiffany Gill
Christians strongly believe that God reveals himself in different mysterious ways just to let people know that he is there and knows what is happening all around the mankind. Although it is quite possible to believe in sightings of Jesus but some people have come across some strangest ways with regards to such sightings and it is quite impossible to trust what people have actually seen.

A few years back, an American woman claimed that she saw Jesus in an MRI scan. Although God is present everywhere and can be present anywhere but still its hard to believe if such sort of claim is trustworthy enough or not because, it is highly likely that the MRI scan was forged in some way or the other but many people out there blindly trust such sighting.

One other claim made by a woman was that whilst she was putting Marmite spread on her bread she saw an image of Jesus on the backside of the lid. She believes that it was the God himself and he revealed himself on her just to show her that he cares and is looking upon everything. Still, the authentication of this type of sighting is pretty doubtful and hard to lay your trust on.

One other American lady says that she considered a figure looking like child of God clinched of Cheetos. She said that as she opened the pack she discovered that picture inside the sack. Once more, the figure discovered inside the pack may look like the correct picture yet it can’t be ensured that it is really Jesus.

A man put forward his claim that he saw Virgin Mary and her baby while shopping in a grocery store for candies. As all the claims that have been made involves manufactured or produced good so its most likely that someone made it that way specially. Because if the sightings were related to naturally grown products then it becomes easy to put your faith on it.

There are individuals who also have made money while selling these images. This type of behaviour makes it even more difficult to easily trust someone who says he has seen these images for real. But there are many blind folded people who trust these people and are happy to pay anything they are asked for.

People have reportedly seen these type of images on edible food items like nan breads, pancakes, toasts, sandwiches and many other things. The strange and most obvious thought is that why are these images sighted only on man made food items because if they are for real, they should be visible on items like naturally grown fruits, vegetables, trees or branches but only a few people have mentioned such sightings.

Therefore its not wrong to put your faith in sightings of Jesus but never blindly trust anyone who claims such thing until you are !00% sure that the information provided to you is authentic and genuine. Never get into scams where people ask you to give money in order to see such miracle because many fraudsters have started to use it as a money making business.

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