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Rabbi Helps Christians to Get Finances In Order

“These tools were here before we got here and will be here after we are all gone, so we might as well use them!” says Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn, Author of The Bestselling Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed!Believed to be the successor of Dave Ramsey, Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn

many people flock to hear his message in Clubs, Companies, and Churches.

Often he is called the new Dave Ramsey and it is no coincidence that Dave Ramsey is an Evangelical the same way hundreds of thousands of people flock to hear him at a live event.

One of his readers, in a review posted to, summarizes the wide-ranging appeal of Rabbi Celso this way: “[Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed] distills the economic wisdom of thousands of years into a user-friendly compendium for contemporary life.”

The People’s Rabbi teaches from a rich tradition, yet he believes that this tradition speaks to everyone, from all faiths and backgrounds, about how to thrive in choppy economic waters.

Indeed, his appeal to evangelicals is apparent. Just take a glance at his website or his book and you will quickly see that many of his areas of expertise overlap with those of Dave Ramsey. Rabbi Celso is zealous in his efforts to help his readers master their debt, to liberate them from their bondage to credit card companies and show them how best to put their money to work for them. And yet, his teaching style, and his approach to presenting centuries-old financial wisdom in a modern setting, is distinctly his own. As financial consultant and Celso enthusiast Joseph Stango puts it, The People’s Rabbi brings “a perfect blend of financial advice, real-life humor, and biblical wisdom.”

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