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Prepare To Get The Most Out Of An Astrological Consultation

By Ladonna Chambers
Have you every wondered what the cosmos had to say in relation to you? An astrological consultation may just bring your closer to understanding your past as well as predicting your future. An analyzed chart is a way to see just what makes you tick. Once you have a detailed chart prepared by providing the astrologer with details about your birth, you will be one step closer to uncovering the mystery of you.

There are many reasons why people get a reading of their birth chart done. It is said that by knowing where the planets lined up across the sky at the very moment you were born dictates what type of characteristics you will have. It really is a science that has many enthusiasts who will vouch for the validity of the information gathered from these charts.

To find out exactly where the planets were at your time of birth, you will need to provide the astrologer the date and time of your birth as well as the location. Most of us know our sun sign because that is determined by the month but to find out your moon sign it is important to have the actual time of day. Unfortunately this is not information we all readily have, so we may have to do some digging. Your birth certificate might have the answers but in the event this is not attainable the next best thing is to ask your parents or someone who was present during your birth.

Now that you have all the information you need, you may want to write down some areas in your life that you are interested in. This way you can focus the reader’s attention on that part of the chart and to those planets that dictate or rule those areas of your life.

During the reading of your chart some questions may come up…, ask them. The session is about you and if you need clarification to see the larger picture, get it. The astrological reader is there for you to gain clarity.

Choosing the right astrologer is of great importance. This can be done through many avenues. Of course the best way is through a personal reference, through someone you know well and trust if at all possible. If you are not in contact with anyone the next best thing is to look at the history of an astrologist online via a user review site. Make sure they are experienced and that you feel comfortable discussing your personal life with them.

Be sure to bring a notebook with you to jot down any important key points you may want to further explore or ponder on your own. Sometimes you leave with so much information it is hard to retain it all. You will want to remember all you can about your chart as it can possibly help you navigate through this journey of life.

Now that you are prepared for your astrological consultation, you are closer to unraveling the mystery of you. Are you ready to see what the cosmos have to reveal?

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