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Prayers For Humanity For A Better Life

By Odessa Edwards
All religions have some importance of prayers for humanity and it’s an essential character of every religion. The most easy and the most closest way to communicate with God is through pray. When you pray to God you have this belief that he is listening to you and it seems like you are communicating with God just like you communicate with other human beings. The most powerful way to communicate with God is prayer because you are not bound with any obstacles you can share anything you want to and you can pray in your own language it is not essential to express your feelings to God by words you can also communicate with you soul and it is more effective than words.

According to Gandhi it is scientifically tested and declared that prayer has the strength to reduce heart issues, blood pressure remains normal and it also gives various health benefits. There are other sources who prove opposite so its not sure whether prayers help us or not.

Prayer contribute enormous advantages to a man because it enables him to gather his thoughts with God while he prays. The person who prays with regularity can understand the true meaning of prayer. Prayers are in different words and it is done in a way that when you start praying regularly you will be able to share the feelings of the person who prays.

A well educated citizen knows his rights and this brings him to create habit of getting everything from this world as matter of right. He takes rights from his parents from their properties, he claims right for liberties, equality, security and opportunities from the state. He demands from the society to give him equal social treatment and justice and in all these things he forgets that there are thousands of people in world who do not have same benefits because of their percentage, nationality and race.

We don’t succeed to know what is our focus which one doesn’t have and our demands lead to think to claim it from the world. All these material resources of the world are limited and everyone can get it which means that if a person gains it another person losses so there will be always conflicts among the individuals claiming who is the right person to own responsibility of these material resources.

Outcome of compassion and love is increase faith in God and humanity, and this brings with a great change in humanity because you don’t look people as your competitor who is waiting to destroy you but it helps you to bring intentions and emotions of compassion and love for each other.

Prayer is undoubtedly a very right and direct line of communication God and men can have. An individual gains the ability to take out his hear during praying and he manages to release his guilt and asks for forgiveness and mercy.

A person who believes in prayers for humanity possesses a certain amount of divinity and peace in his religious values. You can make your soul appear clean and pure just like a child if you pray in the right way. A man with pure conscience gains love, peace and joy in his life.

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