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Prayers For Humanity For All Nations

By Catalina Nielsen
The mind, the hearts and the destiny of humankind is in the hands of the Lord of all creation, the creator of heaven and earth. No one would have though there is a God somewhere who would listen to the prayers for humanity and answer them according to His riches in glory and infinite mercies. Every time you come to the presence of God to say your benediction, do it with a broken and constraint, hearts and He will open His ears and listen to the prayers you offer in the Holy place.

Every time you are on your knees, remember there are millions of children out there sleeping on empty stomachs. They lack necessities, do not know the meaning of love and have lost hope for the future and in addition, they seem to have no any way forward. As a believer, ask God to help them, but also do something to help them to justify that your faith and actions are working together.

When you pray, remember there are millions of kids out there who live for so many days without basic needs. They are part of the creation of God. Ask God to give them peace, to provide for them, to meet them at the points of their needs and to be their security because they lack no helper.

So many children out there are suffering on a daily basis; they are sleeping in the cold, they lack family care, they sleep and go hungry all day long and they do not know the meaning of love. It seems they have no future. However, you can pray for a child and because there is power in praying, God will supply their needs according to His riches in glory.

The military forces work day and night to ensure safety prevails in the state, cities and villages. They risk their lives to ensure that you, the civilians, the president and the government is safe from both internal and external threats. They face challenges, hardships, loneliness and prone to death but your prayers to God for safety can help keep them from such dangers.

Remember the defense force that is always working tirelessly night and day to make sure that safety prevail. Pray to God to protect them with the blood of Christ, which speaks better things than the blood of Abel. Ask God to protect their beautiful families and to provide for them in times of need.

Take time to think of the desolate souls, the destitute, the heart broken, those going through hard times in marriages, those breaking up their relationships this very time and those lacking jobs and have no hope for tomorrow and thank God you are not going through such. At the same time, ask God to meet them at the point of their needs. They are human beings like you and you can suffer just as they do.

The prayers for humanity seek to transform every section of human lives. Each nation goes through good and bad times. This means that through prayers, the leaders of a nation can easily find solutions even to hard situations no matter the kind.

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