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Passionate Prayers For Military Personnel

By Celina Heath
Our Father who art in heaven, may your name be known to all people. May your greatness be adorned by all persons of the earth and command prevail that of every human being. As we offer this Passionate prayers for military personnel, may your kingdom reign forever and always and the souls of our military personnel enveloped in your hands and at your mercy.

Assist them in returning back victorious from serving the country and standing by our beliefs and religion. Grant our soldiers the peace of mind and body, let them perform their duty diligently and serve you as their Father. Let your healing hands descend upon them and their lives be multiplied for this courageous act of serving our great nation.

Give them the power, hope and resources to defeat Goliath and protect them with your armor. Envelope them in your hands and let no man bring harm onto them. All the nations will hear of your power and wrath that can never be marched, all the nations will fall at your feet at the mention of your name.

The God that we serve and pray to, please bring back our military personnel back home and let us all rejoice in the power of your strength and might. The healer of our hearts and bruises may your power multiply, may we enjoy in the warmth of our blessings. Our fighter and provider even at our darkest hour, fight for your country and people like your servant Joseph.

We fight in the honor of your name and your word, and forever will your name be exalted. Forever shall your kingdom reign and always, through you God we get to see the wonderful side of life. Assist your servants wherever they are and let them be aware of your presence and might.

Let them know patience for it the greatest weapon that can be given onto them. Give them wisdom that they will use throughout their serving time and beyond. Give them the strength that they need to effectively complete their mission and forever will they praise you for your good deeds and kindness that you have shown onto them.

Let your blessings reign over their duty and their body be given the strength and hope that it needs. Our enemies will forever fall at our mercy for we stand by your word, the word that parts and calms the sea. When we stand by our Lord, forever shall we be conquerors, harvest in plenty and be known to the whole world as the kingdom and servants of God.

In our Passionate prayers for military personnel, we ask that you shield our military personnel from harm and pain wherever they are. May their efforts bring about peace and victory and let other people know of your might. We do pray that our military personnel do have a quick and blessed recovery in case of any injury and the strength to help them face fear and return home safely; we do pray and trust in you our Lord God Amen.

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