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Origins Of The First Edition Book Of Mormon

By Antoinette Quinn
The religious text known as the Book of Mormon is studied by members of the Latter Day Saints Church. This text is their sacred religious text and many Mormons believe that it contains scriptures of the prophets who lived in the Americas from about 2200 BC until AD 421. It is possible to obtain a First Edition Book of Mormon for personal study by seeking out a collector who carries this valuable text.

The text was first published by Joseph Smith in 1830. Mr. Smith believed that the original text was written in ancient Egyptian characters which were engraved on gold plates. Mr. Smith also believed that the last person to contribute to the text was a man named Moroni, and that Moroni buried the sacred text in a hill in present-day New York.

Smith claimed that Moroni came to him as an angel to reveal the hidden location of the scared text. Smith believed that the angel instructed him to find and translate the book and spread the message, in order to lead people to the faith.

The ancient writings in this text referred to a group of people chosen by God to be led from Jerusalem into the Western Hemisphere, or the modern day Americas. This happened several hundred years before the birth of Jesus. Moroni was believed to be one of the prophets in this group of people and he buried the text, believing that God would allow it to resurface in the latter days before the return of Christ.

The Mormon faith teaches that Smith was seventeen when he first encountered Moroni as an angel, and was led to discover the text. The faith also teaches that Moroni met with Smith at the same hill where the text was discovered on September 22 every year in order to receive instructions from God to lead the Mormons.

Members of the Latter Day Saints Church believe that the manuscript is Holy Scripture that is parallel to and supersedes the Bible, and that it contains records of the ministry of Christ and his interaction with the ancient American people. It is separated into several shorter books, each named after a particular author. These individual books are composed of a series of chapters and religious verses. Although originally translated into English, the text has now been translated into more than hundred different languages.

Many scholars criticise the Book of Mormon and question its authenticity as an ancient text. Many theologists claim the manuscript was made-up by Joseph Smith himself and that it contains plagiarism from the Bible and other religious texts. Some scientists and archaeologists also questioned how reliable the text is, due to the fact that it mentions certain locations which do not correlate with known archaeological sites in existence today.

Nonetheless, a First Edition Book of Mormon is still a prized item by many people. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who admitted to be a practising Mormon, has sparked an interest in the faith. Today, a first edition is now valued at nearly $100,000.

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