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Ninety Two - Pope Or Nun Halloween Costume - Mother Superior or Naughty?

By William Joshua
Who hasn’t seen nun Halloween costumes over the years? While they can be fun to see on Halloween, it is good to make sure wearing one this year won’t offend anyone. If you do wear a nun costume and it offends someone, take it with a grain of salt. In the end, it is your decision to choose keyword, or any other costumes, on Halloween. If you are planning to attend a party however, it is best to check and make sure that your costume is appropriate since you’ll be in someone Else’s home.

There are some standard components to any of the nun Halloween costumes you’ll run into each year. A woman of the cloth would never be complete without her habit for instance. And there are not many nuns that don’t dress in the standard black and white colors. With a few variations, for most part, a nun costume will look similar to another in a lot of ways.

Check with your local retail costume shop for versions of the traditional looking nun outfit. There should be more than a couple of variations for you to check out. Priest costumes are often worn in tandem with nun Halloween costumes, so don’t be surprised if they are stocked near each other. A costume purchased at the store can always be spruced up with your own personal style to make it a one of a kind.

Take the traditional nun Halloween costumes you normally see and figure out a way to add a twist. Because this is a common costume, you’ll have to call in a ton of creativity to make yourself seem original in this standard Halloween costume. One way to achieve this would be to combine elements that are completely contradictory to what you would normally see a nun wearing. A nun who is also a vampire and walks around the party with a smear of fake blood coming from the mouth would definitely be memorable. The idea options are innumerable.

Polar opposites also make for an interesting Halloween costume. Perhaps you could be half one thing and half another? Maybe the devil has slipped into the skin of a nun, so add some fake horns or red skin paint to your face. You could be a strange version of heaven and hell embodied in a single person, divided straight down the middle! If you’re a good entertainer, this could lead to some interesting party theatrics!

Sexy could also be used to describe certain nun Halloween costumes. Could your nun be a lady of the night who wears fishnets with her habit? What about a nun who behaves like a drunk and flirts with a vampire at the party. It can be sleazy, scary or fun just as long as you have fun and remember it is Halloween!

Think about having a friend dress up as the priest if you don’t opt for a half and half costume. Add a few cocktails to the mix and some role play between the two of you could really liven up a party. Have fun partying the night away as you act out your characters for fun with other party goers. Nun Halloween costumes have potential to be done in a more unique way this Halloween. And because they are easy to recognize, they don’t take a lot of explaining.

Nun Halloween costumes don’t normally seem like they’d have shock value. But executed the right way, nun Halloween costumes can be extra shocking and fun for all. These are costumes that can help bring about tons of fun this holiday. Edited by Svetchey Sanorols

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