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My Bottom Line Procedure That Resolves The Question In Reference To How Can I Find God And Question What He To Do?

By Tim Wc
What does God want me doing? How Can I Find God’s Will For Me? What would he have me to become? What has he prepared for me? The more time passes, the more I realize that God has a minute by moment, day by day function for me. The bible says that “Mans goings are of the Lord. How can a man then understand his own way?”.

So God has a plan for me for every day of my life. How do I identify exactly what he wants me to do? His word states “Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.”.

God speaks with his people mainly in their mind, through the ideas and the ideas that come to them. I have to be careful though due to the fact that there is an additional power that talks to me in my mind, the enemy of God, better referred to as Lucifer, satan, the devil, and his minions which are demons. Generally the battleground for my soul, my life, my being is played out in my mind.

It is vital that I am living uprightly, that I am not living sinfully whatsoever, that I have a right heart and a friendship with God. I have actually repented of my previous sins and the sins of my forefathers. I trust that the blood that Jesus bled onto the earth at the cross in Jerusalem provides a complete obliteration of these sins.

I attempt to live perfect, to live very near God, to remain under the shelter of his wings. But on occasion I still do wrong when I am tempted and I still sin. However I am quick to make it right, to turn away, to turn back and to ask Jesus once again to cover me over with his blood and clean me up.

Understand, God does not associate with sin however in fact draws back, draws away, pulls back his power and his defense and his association. Sin is like a thick black dark cloud in between God and I.

I get rid of that black cloud by confessing and changing in my faulty locations then trusting that the blood of Jesus wipes out those sins.

Therefore, provided that I have a right relationship with God, through right living and being cleaned up by Jesus Christ, I can ask him to speak to me, to lead me and to direct me.

I have thoughts in my mind. Lots of thoughts of various kinds all day long. It’s what I do with those thoughts that are crucial.

So if some thoughts originate from the devil or his demons and others originate from God, How do I know the difference. Well, many are certainly good or bad. There are so many other thoughts though. A lot of possibilities. A lot of forks in the roadway of life. Numerous choices that are tough to determine whether good or bad. How do I understand what God desires?

I have exactly what I believe to be a good concept. Is it really a good concept? How Can I Find God’s Will For Me? What do I do? Here is what I do.

I take that thought that I had and I regurgitate it back to God. Keep in mind, he informs us to “pray without ceasing”. So I say to God– God, I just had this thought and wonder what I ought to do. Should I remain here in New York? Or should I move to Alaska? As I continue to talk to God day by day, the idea will continue stronger and more powerful and if all various other proof and counsel from others indicate it as reasonable, it is most likely a good/God choice. Nonetheless, if the concept you had gets weaker, crumbles, dissipates in your mind and no more appears pertinent, important or sensible, it was probably not God speaking with you.

The word of God states, “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord. As the rivers of water, he turneth it whithersoever he will”. If God can turn the mind of Kings, he can definitely change my mind if I ask him.

It’s simply my wife and I now. Our kids are grown and raised. Exactly what would he have me to work on? How do I give myself to him?

The best I can gather now is to continue to do exactly what I’ve been doing. To be a prayer walker, to walk and hope, to pray for the land that I walk on. My predicament has actually been how God will provide and take care of us as we travel and walk the land and remit the sin of the forefathers on the land.

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I think I’ve discovered a viable earnings stream that I believe God is blessing me with. I am thrilled to be involved with a company by the name of TelexFree and though I am delighted about the amount of money I will be making, I bear in mind to keep my priorities straight. This is just a way to help me complete what God wants me to do. It believe it to be the answer to my question of, how can I find God’s will in this specific scenario. Jesus said– Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

Exactly what does God desire YOU to be?

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