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Must Read Joshua The Odyssey

By Stacey Massey
The new venture from Dr. Theckedath Mathew, MD is a piece of fiction brilliantly based on documented historical accounts and is written in such detail that it is hard to believe it is not a true biography. Joshua The Odyssey Of An Ordinary Man follows the main characters through a point in time that is often the subject of speculation. It is an interesting read for both Christians and others who have interest in biblical times.

The novel is set during the missing period in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. There are eighteen years in which he is not present in biblical writings and through the title character, the possibilities of what may have occurred then are explored. The research is sound and the details so accurate that the story reads more like fact than fiction.

There is a huge gap in the biblical telling of Jesus’ life as after the mention of his twelve year old self being banished from the temple for contradicting the rabbi, he does not reappear until the couple of years directly preceding his revered death story. There are many theories about what may have actually happened during that span. While not recorded in the Bible, other writings from the time place him traveling through several countries then coming back to Israel.

There are other writings from this time period that are not part of the Bible as it is published, but based in part on these tomes, the writer is able to realistically imagine what may have occurred during those missing years. Some of the myths of the period are also fodder for parts of the story. It answers questions such as whether or not the prophet ever married or had children, as well as who were his teachers and where he traveled.

The character emerges as one of the first to stand up for the rights and protection of women against the men who would judge them. This is based on the biblical event where a group of angry men presented Jesus with a prostitute, demanding she be sentenced to stoning. Instead he told them that only one who is without sin has the right to throw stones at someone else because for sinning.

Continuing through the great lands of Athens, Rome, Egypt, Galilee, Babylon, Mathura and Taxila, Joshua embarks on many more adventures. He mixes with all classes of people from the lowest ranking to the highest and even draws influences from the era’s greatest philosophers. Assisting those less fortunate and supporting the rights of the common working man compile a huge part of what he did.

Some of his more known activities were common occurrences during that time. He performed feats of healing and spent a great amount of effort teaching and bringing more followers to God. It is easy to mistake these accounts as completely factual because Dr. Mathew used his research to vividly describe the land and its people with complete clarity.

Joshua The Odyssey Of An Ordinary Man virtually transports the audience to a time more than 2000 years in the past with precision and admirable historical accuracy. Through the use of extensive and thorough research, he brings to life the day to day happenings of the early first century AD. This tale will be a welcome addition to any quality literary collection.

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