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Meaning And Mission Of Global Spirituality

By Tamika Quinn
The world over is faced with many problems which pertains to war. People go to war and cause great damage over small matters that can be solved through dialogue. Rational thinkers, been troubled by these happenings have triggered their conscience into action. Their sole objective is bringing harmonious living among all inhabitants of planet earth. This has been described as global spirituality. Below are some reasons that have brought the essence of this innovation.

Peace on earth is one of their major concerns. Many people lives are affected by war. Property also have been vandalized and looted. All these have been attributed to lack of tolerance among the inhabitants of the world. People have failed to accommodate each other on the basis of ethnic, racial and religious differences. Peaceful co existence can only be achieved if a universal movement is established to educate the masses on the vitality of peace.

Another objective is international morality. Every man no matter his creed knows according to his conscience what is good and bad. Religion has not played a considerable role in fighting vices in the society. This explains why activities such as abortion are on the rise and no one question this. To be able to counter this all people regardless of their faith need to come forward and fight for a common goal of decency. This can only be achieved if there is global unison in consciousness.

Unity is strength and divided we will fall. This message ought to be given to all men. A revolution can only take place when all people are commonly united towards one goal. Many negative things are happening in society due to lack of unification in people to fight this. World population needs to be informed on the need for unity.

Great achievement in economic growth and development can only happen if there is peace. During periods of war a major portion of monetary resources are channeled towards this and also in healing the aftermath of a war crisis. This explains why there is a great need to be conscious, because a sound economy to ensure our comfort in life.

Protection of the environment and its resources can only be achieved through world wide awareness of their importance to life. Human existence may be put to risk if our environments such as forest are not cared for. People need to be educated on this matter to avert global danger or loss of lives. Environmental care guarantees our food and water security.

Even with the great establishment in religion. Some of them practiced globally. However there has been rise in fascism, racism and ethnicity. Sportsmen are the most targeted in this aspect. To put an end to this intolerance among men people must be united in reasoning and propagate for an end regardless of their ethnicity, race or social standing. Some of our wrangles can be solved through negotiations without the need for war.

In summary, if people were made aware of the importance of putting aside our differences, the world would be a better place to live. Some of our wrangles can be solved through negotiations without the need for war. These are some of the issues global spirituality is trying to address.

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