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Making Christian Outreach Ministries A Success

By Bonnie Contreras
Reaching out to people with the message of the Kingdom of God is not an easy task for the Christian Outreach Ministries. The general truth is that so many people out there are yet to hear the message of the cross that can set them free from bondage of evil. The church must assume the responsibility of taking the Gospel to these people, explaining to them about Christ and opening to them the truth about the kingdom of God.

However, you cannot take a message to a society you have no idea bout or a people whose lifestyle you do not know yet. To reach out to people effectively, you need to know their community, their culture only then can you come up with an effective approach that will not only capture their minds but also bring transformation. Whatever your plan is, make sure you take the right message to the people that deserves it.

Knowing perfectly well that preaching the Good News of the Kingdom of God would be a great challenge, Jesus asks His disciples not to worry because He will be with them. In an attempt to address the great commission, He tells the disciples that He would be with them until the very last day. The last day will be the second coming of Christ and the accession of the body of Christ.

The mission of the disciples is a simple and straightforward one. A disciple is supposed to go out there, proclaim the good news of the kingdom to those who have and who have not, heal the sick, drive out demons, and baptize people in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. They are supposed to keep reminding people about the teachings of Christ and their journey to heaven.

Submit your desires to God, ask Him what you feel then pray to Him to show you the right direction; lead you to His very own will. Ask yourself how you are going to represent Jesus out there and share with your team and get to know what they think about the same. Ask them to share their views on how they would share the love of Christ to people out there.

You need to make your request known to God in your prayer. In your prayers, let Him know the desires of your heart and ask for guidance so that you end up successful in what you are doing as Ministers of the Kingdom of God. Remember you are called to share the message of God and win souls to Christ for the glory of God, not your own.

The next thing would be to know the people you are targeting and where you are going to hold your meetings. The other fundamental is how to go about welcoming people to the meeting. For this reason, identify the best medium to use to reach the message out so that people know about your meeting calls and attend in large numbers.

Remember that Christian Outreach Ministries are for creating a moment for people to get to know and connect with God. In as much as the group has a plan, they should clearly analyze it to make sure it will not be disruptive. Sharing the message of Christ should be equal to sharing the love of God, not a condemnation message.

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