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Making The Best Out Of Theology Forums

By Jennie Sandoval
Participants in theology forums discuss issues related to different religions or exclusive to a particular faith. Most of the hosts and moderators for the groups are college and university religion departments, religious leaders and experts in theological matters. Participants come from all corners of the world making it a rich collection of views and experiences.

Web forums are becoming increasingly popular with the opening up of most religions to criticism and member contributions. The role of religion is transforming necessitating evaluation at a personal and regional level. Participants do not necessarily have to be members of that religion. Members will exchange views and perception with the aim of widening the view about a particular subject.

The issues to be discussed could be posted by the admin or emanate from group members. Online registration and membership has simplified entry to the forums. This has also diversified participation to include people from different religious and cultural backgrounds. Diversity in this sense allows participants from all corners of the world. The discussions are enriched and involve sharing of differing experiences.

Among the topics that have grabbed headlines include a comparison between ecumenism and fundamentalism. The relationship between politics and religion has also taken center stage since leaders are opinion shapers in the society. The place of religious groupings in international affairs has offered fodder to the groups.

Exclusive platforms discuss theological concerns in a particular religion. The aim is to criticize and strengthen them from within. The issues at hand might be exclusively Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc. The subject is not cross cutting and therefore can only accommodate experts and strict adherents.

Outsiders can view the posts and comments made in a particular forum. They however cannot leave their own comments or initiate debates since one is required to register and login. Moderators ensure that contributions are in line with the rules and regulations provided.

Religion is associated with morality which has seen a lot of discussions on emerging moral issues. Debaters seek to understand the theological perspective provided by their faith in dealing with such issues. Some of the recent topics include cloning and global warming. Global wars, human right abuses and diseases have provided rich topics for discussion.

Exclusive groups try to analyze principles on which the religions are built. They shake the history and origin of such religions with the aim of updating the philosophy on which it is built. It is an attempt to reconcile the past with the present without losing the essence. This is the only way the leaders and thinkers in the religious grouping can secure the future of their faith.

Theology forums aim at enlightening populations through professional input and social views. Open discussions are healthy for any religion and can be used to shape the future of such a group. Online platforms give a global perspective to issues. Guided discussions prevent misinformation and religious fundamentalism. Discussions held here are healthy and contribute to the strengthening and growth of any religious outfit. The more diverse the followers of a blog, the richer the discussions will be.

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