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Love And Its Faces As Divine Partnership Studies

By Ava Hudson
It is very interesting how the Bible can become one of the foundations for the divine partnership studies. A lot of people becomes interested in the said study since the Bible, as its foundation, is a great source of wisdom for life. This is because love can be cultivated properly to become a powerful emotion to change people’s lives for the better.

The person should know that there are many kinds of love. The first kind of love is philia. With this kind of love, the person should be able to establish a deep bond of friendship with other people. Moreover, people can even stay friends for a long time despite the fact that they are living in different parts of the world.

Passionate love comes next. This is perhaps one of the strongest kind f love. It even refers to the sexual component of the person’s life. This is the kind of love which can be easily acted out and shown to others. Even in the ancient times, there are many records of passionate love being the source of happy events or tragic consequences.

It is actually a truth that lots of people nowadays are looking for the true meaning of love. They struggle to give a name on that kind of emotion. However, this is an intangible kind of thing. One can only feel it but not see it. It is not difficult for a human to give love to others as this is already second nature.

However, there are also those people who only think of the said emotion as a part of a play or a game. Those who think the same are called ludic lovers. They focused more on the quantity of their relationships than the quality of it. The most common ludic lovers belong to the male populace.

Those who are ludic lovers are usually seen with flirtatious behavior. While it may be true that they know what love is, they do not believe in committing with the same person for a long time. They believe that it is better to enjoy the present than thinking of what they would be together in the future.

Mania is another popular kind of love these days. There are lots of people nowadays who are afraid of losing their partners. This is the kind of love which is closely related to obsession. No matter how much their partner gives them assurance of their feelings, they will not feel at ease with it since they have low self-esteem.

Manic lovers are popular to have unstable relationships as well. This is another problem that lies with them. They have to place a lot of importance to their relationship, above all else. Sometimes, it will even reach the point where their world will revolve around such a relationship.

With the help of divine partnership studies, one can be guided properly with the spiritual aspects of their lives. There are a lot of their spiritual aspects that they cannot make out on their own, after all. Spirituality is one of the best part of one’s life.

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