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Lots Of YWAM DTS Locations To Choose From

By Jeannie Chapman
There are YWAM DTS locations all over the world which are incredibly popular. People of all ages flock over towards these bases and are inspired and rewarded time and time again. There are many reasons why you may think of doing one of these courses.

There are many courses offered at these places which can be very helpful and are a good way to spend your gap year. However, this is not just a place for young people to gather, but it is also a nice place those who either want to take a break in their career or those who want to go into the mission field. You can learn a lot from this.

You can go to all four corners of the globe in order to experience something magical and rewarding. There are different ministries available. Some are to do with kids, and others involve teenagers. You can also work with people on the street as well as those in certain circumstances. You have to know what you want out of the experience.

Some people will go to a certain area because they know about it or because they have had experience with it. There are courses which deal with sport so you could land up on a soccer or a surfing DTS. This can be fun and something which is suitable for those who know something about that area. It is a way of spreading the gospel according to where you are placed.

It can be challenging working with large teams of people and this is what you will find when you go on one of these missions. However, you will learn to cope with this as you see the rewards that come out of it. There are many people that can be helped in a variety of ways. A lot of teams will tell bible stories, do dances and share their testimonies.

A lot of people are in desperation because they think that nobody cares. Just by saying a few words, you will find that there are those that will really appreciate it. One just needs to make the effort because you really don’t need to make a speech. You may not always be able to give food or other things that cost money, but there are alternatives, which won’t cost money.

In certain places in Asia you are not allowed to start churches and share the world. You may even be arrested for this. However, there are new churches going up all the time and Christianity has grown here. This is something that you have to decide upon. It is more of a calling than anything else so you have to think about it.

There are some people who have serious conditions and would have never had the chance to see a doctor. In a case like this they would just have gone blind. After a doctor from a YWAM ship has dealt the situation, the patient in a country like Mozambique would be back on track. To them, this is like night and day. For the doctor, it is very rewarding in one of these YWAM DTS locations.

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