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Looking Into Shamanic Healing Charlottesville

By Jeannie Chapman
To understand shamanic healing Charlottesville you must first explore the Four Winds Society that has it’s base in the Peruvian Andes. The healers from this area are called Laika and they teach the theory of each person being the possessor of ancient powers of light and energy that can be used to heal one’s self from inside. In an enlightened state of mind and body you are said to be able to see the light from nature.

You are said to have an energy field that envelopes your body. This field of energy carries both positive and negative imprints on it and the goal would be to break through and dissolve the negative imprints that control your life. This is not an easy task and it takes many complex ancient techniques to get results.

Because of a belief that man was driven from the garden of Eden by God Western cultures have lost all ability to see the light and in fact fight Mother Nature. Indigenous cultures all over the world were not taught this story and there fore are still able to live in the light and remain in harmony with nature.

The negative thoughts and behaviors of people are called shadows. The shaman’s goal is to remove these shadows from your life and allow you to move away from the trap of the triangle of dis-empowerment. Many people are destined to travel this triangle, switching roles from victim to perpetrator or rescuer over and over. This behavior sequence is also pointed out in twelve step programs and has been adopted by many counselors across the world.

When you have removed the destructive triangle from your life you will be ready to move forward into the light and re-enter the garden. Once here you can experience being one with nature and begin preparing through life coaching and mentoring to access the tools available to you. Achieving oneness with yourself can be an amazing experience that will empower you in a way you may not have experienced before.

The center of man’s energy is called the chakra. It is a wheel of both major and minor powers that are important to the healthy functioning of the body, mind and soul. In the Peruvian culture there are eight points of chakra. The points are located on the front of your body and connect at the spine. Other cultures also honor the chakra but they have less points of energy.

Hypnosis has found a place with Shamans. It is believed to allow the subject to delve deeper into the mind to unlock new sources of energy and help to enable the self healing powers that have been dormant for so long in an individual. This method is also used to help understand the unhealthy living situations people continue to experience.

Many holistic practitioners and some doctors are embracing these techniques today. The concept of moving away from traditional medications appeals to them and their patients. By studying shamanic healing Charlottesville they can arrive at the core concept that you can repair the damage from the inside and with practice you will have all of the tools necessary to do so. The centering of each person allows the power of self healing to take place.

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