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Lively Delivery With Funny Sermon Illustrations

By Andrea Davidson
Funny sermon illustrations are used by successful preachers to create a context for the reading of the day. They come with flexibility allowing you to use them either at the beginning, somewhere in between or to make a conclusion. Their effect has been noted by analysts who continue to say that they have a longer lasting effect than a plain session on the scripture.

The differences in composition of congregations mean that a preacher should adapt the illustration. What is meaningful to teenagers might not apply to children or adults. There are stories for different ages, couples, men and women. One is required to make the right choice since this will give meaning to your delivery. Changing seasons in liturgical calendars require careful consideration.

The topics handled vary and determine how effective it will be. For instance, a story is told about a man who found his son sited in front of the house, with his head hoisted using his hands. He thought to himself what could be wrong with his son before asking. The son looked at him, and in a low tone told him that he too was fed up with his wife. This is an illustration that would fit a marriage scenario.

Some followers offer all manner of justifications for not attending church. One of them only attended once a year during Christmas. The pastor met him at the door and as usual welcomed him to the army of the lord. He then went on to enquire why he was absent all the year. He responded that he had enlisted in the secret service of the army and thus has been participating underground.

Another illustration used to teach people about paying attention in church says that a pastor always started his sermons with the words, The Lord Be With You. The congregation would answer back, And Also With You. This turned out to be a mechanical chorus. One day the microphone developed problems and the pastor said, There is Something Wrong with the Microphone. The congregation as usual said And Also With You.

Another illustration is used to show the important days a man goes to church. They are during baptism, on his wedding day and on the day of his burial. The progression of activity is hilarious since on the first day, water is thrown to him. On the second, friends use rice while during burial, they are fed up and have to use dust.

If you thought preaching was tiresome, try listening to a boring homily. After the Christmas festivities were over, the wife to a pastor told him that she was too tired. The husband could not understand considering that it was him who had to deliver the homily. The wife protested, I had to sit through five boring sermons in two days.

Funny sermon illustrations help pastors to ground the reading of the day in real context. It makes the homily easy to follow and gives the faithful a new twist to the same old reading. This will give fresh meaning to an old verse.

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