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Linens to Laces: Traditional Albs Description

By John Watkins
Linens, silks, laces, are just the common materials being used in producing the finest quality traditional albs. One may note that albs differ on its design. Nowadays, using albs is not typical, except for the linen ones. But before anything else, one have to understand what an alb is.

The term “alb” stemmed from the Latin word albus which means white. Hence, it is the white garment being worn by priests and clergies even in earliest times. It is ankle-length clothes which is typically secured by a cincture, tassel, or metal clasps. It has been used by Romans and even in Medieval European nonreligious clergies. The alb is stated to be among the oldest liturgical vestments. It is generally seen worn at the Mass by ministers, clerics, and laypersons. It may be under the stole, dalmatic, or chasuble. It may also be found over the cassock- an ankle-length garment with thirty plus buttons that are normally used by Roman Catholic priests and bishops. Amice will be worn under the alb if it could not cover the collar entirely. The alb can be decorated with clothing in many of the Anglican churches. At the same time, it functions as an undergarment of vestments.

Exactly what are the traditional albs? Are they still used nowadays? These albs may include the cassock albs, hooded albs, albs and cottas and most especially, the lace albs and surplices.

A cassock is a robe worn by different clerics or priests of numerous churches. The traditional type of cassock of Western Christian is close fitting. However, in Asian Orthodox, it is quite loose. According to history, the cassock was based in Ancient Rome’s tunic which is worn under the toga, and Ancient Greece’s chiton which is worn under the himation. Cassock is still used nowadays for it’s incorporated with the alb. This white or occasionally off-white garment acts to be an undergarment of a clergy. It also functions as an option to the albs of acolytes and deacons. It also has actually replaced the Anglican churches’ albs and cassocks.

Lace albs imply the albs in Christian churches. They are not frequently used type of alb since they can just be seen on special celebrations. Even they are not typical; there are still priests who are searching for it in this present time. They began in Post-Tridentine time. Lace albs have many designs like the IHS sign which means the first three letters of the name of Jesus in Greek (?? S ?? S). This sign is commonly used on ecclesiastical things. However, the lace design has actually fallen out of design, other than for some really traditional Roman Catholic churches.

Hooded albs are also one of the traditional albs. They were typically seen with Roman Catholic priests in non-liturgical tasks. They were used by laymen before time, and later made it into part of the religious garments.

Even they are non-traditional or traditional albs; the vital is the faith of an individual to God. It would not matter on the outfit for it’s the heart that matters a lot of.

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