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Learning About Girl Up Clubs

By Patty Summers
The mission of Girl Up is to educate young females about the problems girls confront in many developing nations. It is run by the United Nations Foundation. It develops the necessary skills in young woman so that they can assist girls who live in remote third world countries. It conducts fund raising campaigns that are used to spread awareness about the difficult issues these young people have. The participants in the clubs sponsored by the foundation gain important skills and experiences.

Experience has shown that when young females are well educated, receive good health care, and are not forced to marry at a young age, poverty is reduced, economies grow stronger, and the entire society benefits. At the same time the club members benefit by gaining valuable skills and experiences that they will have for their lifetimes.

Approximately 600 million young females live in developing countries. Sadly many of these juvenile women can not obtain their true potential. They are not fully included in their communities. It is difficult for them to receive decent health care. They are discouraged from going to school so they can receive a good education. They are forced to marry and to have children while they are still very young. They face the risks from having to bear children at such an early age.

The young girls of American can help solve these problems. Girls love to talk with each other. Stimulating the dialog gets young females involved with these global issues. It builds concern about the challenges facing young women in these countries around the world.

When women can delay marriage and, instead, receive a good education they will have fewer children. This prevents the health issues that occur when girls have many children at a young age. Social scientists know that this is a powerful weapon against poverty. This helps grow economies and build strong societies with less crime and corruption. It promotes political stability. In short, it is good for the whole world.

It is not just the girls living in developing regions who benefit. The club member receive a lot too. They learn valuable organizational and leadership skills. These skills look great on a college application or job resume. These are skills that they will benefit them throughout their lifetime.

Over one half of the one hundred forty million kids that are not in school are females. The investment of educating young women can be the key to decreasing poverty. It is an important ingredient to improving the standard of living of families all over the globe.

There one last thing that should be mentioned when discussing what happens when a girl joins a Girl Up Club. The club members have a lot of fun. It is a great way to make a positive contribution, help solve serious problems and have a good time doing it.

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