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Learn How To Be Saved By Jesus

By Kerry Ross
First of all, there is the realization of being a sinner and accepting to repent; for this, one will pray for forgiveness which is given freely when you believe to all sinners. The question of how to be saved by Jesus is not as hard as people think when one has had enough of the earthly pleasures that only bring sorrow; this is the only thing that can give them their lives back giving them a reason to live.

All sins are forgivable therefore there is no excuse for not repenting claiming that your past is too sinful to be pardoned. Actually, most great men in the bible committed the most awful sins but turned out as the best preachers. The blood that Christ shed on the cross is signifies the cleansing that one goes through once they get born again.

Getting saved is a way of rescuing sinners from burning in the eternal fire in hell; instead, they awarded everlasting life in heaven. Hell is said to be an endless pit that burn with flames burning sinners who will not die of the pain but instead they will suffer from the pain forever and ever. Believing in the word of God and acting as it says is the only way to escape this punishment.

As the bible says, passing through Jesus is a mandatory as he is the one that shed blood so that the rest of the generation will be delivered. It is only by his blood that one is born again and delivered from death. Having endured the worst pain human can take was an example he set for the human race proving that the promised kingdom is worth enduring the most horrible suffering.

The deliverance prayer is only the beginning of living a life in Christ. It is the actions that one portrays that dictates whether they will be accepted in the kingdom of God or if they are condemned to eternal suffering in hell. God is the judge and is the only one that knows the judgment day; for this, one should not live to impress people, but God who is always watching.

According to the various books written by Apostle Paul, one is saved when they start believing that Christ died for their sake and after acknowledging that they sinned, it is then that they are born again. Water baptism is not necessary, all that is needed is having faith in God and what the bible says; with this, one is promised eternal life.

When one dies before repenting, they lose their soul forever which seems to be the worst punishment especially when compared to the few years one is requested to believe in God and lead righteous Life. When one is born again they are not afraid of death as they are assured of eternal life that has no sufferings.

Some of the signs that one is born again is the fact that they are relentlessly reading the bible and praying and testify to other the greatness they find in Christ so as to attract sinners and teach them how to be saved by Jesus. Moreover, it is important to mention that life does not become easier; instead it even becomes harder at some point as one tries to adjust to the new lifestyle.

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