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Known Truths About The Christian Church

By Cara Torres
Usually, a Staten Island Christian Church would refer to the entire Christian religious tradition and history. It may also mean a certain building or a place of worship. However, other groups consider this as an invisible reality which cannot be defined by any earthly structures and may even equate it with other groups that would share the same essential elements of doctrine and practice.

This assembly of local believers and parts of the congregation would have to meet and gather physically for some intentions such as fellowship, encouragement of faith, teaching and worship. It has two main objectives. The first is to aid every member in obtaining and achieving a mature spirit. Next is spreading the love of Jesus Christ throughout and bring the gospel to the unbelievers that are residing in the world.

To administer the unbelievers and believers is the main goal of this church. It is crucial because it serves as a passage that will help God to finish his mission here on earth. Also, it will act as the body of Christ so that he could extend his help to the world.

The members are often believers that are often regenerated through the help of Jesus. The entire community could prove all the manifestations and miracles that is passed and done by the triune God. Still, the meetings and gatherings of this community is attended by numerous unbelievers and also outsiders.

It is usually organized by a certain qualified or competent leader. He takes the responsibility of teaching and sharing all his gifts to the entire community. He will often lead the entire congregation in decision making regarding some possible divisive problems.

All members would usually gather to hear the Word of God that is preached rightly and they often respond in some forms of worshipful ways. It is under an apostolic authority and is continuously learning and growing. In the early times, people devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles, not because they are asked to, but because their hearts which are regenerated wanted to.

Most of the people had received the Spirit and seen remarkable miracles already. They even witnessed great conversion growth among them. As disciples, they know that they must learn things to help in the transformation of their lives. Now that the apostles are long gone, their teaching authority remains the same in the form of the Scripture.

Worshipping is their way of answering all the revelations that they had witnessed. They adore and proclaim the works of the mighty God as well. Many of these communities would practice the biblical sacraments of Communion and baptism where they will be united through the Holy Spirit.

Any Staten Island Christian Church includes some individuals and people which are considered holy. They always repent when they feel like they have committed a sin. Their leaders would also do their part by conducting some biblical disciplines just to bring their people back to God and reconcile them with him. It has been visible entirely because of fellowship and preaching.

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