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Knowing The Differences Between The Old Covenant Vs New Covenant

By Michelle Howe
You may be interested in getting to know more about the bible. You have always felt the need to make sure that you know the very foundation of your faith. You want to make sure that you will have a good idea about the things that you need to know concerning your belief. With this, it might help if you will have a good idea of the difference between old covenant vs new covenant.

To people who are trying to seek the answers, they find that they will be stronger and firmer in their faith if they know exactly where they stand. They want to know just what is it exactly they are anchoring their beliefs on. They need to make sure that they get that enlightenment that will be highly necessary to keep them treading the right path as they have been doing so all these times.

One of the most noteworthy point with the past covenant is that it is a contract between God and man. To be specific, this is an agreement between a God who is holy and a man who is sinful. There is nothing wrong with the first contract. The problem is that man tends to be unable to keep his end of the bargain. He was unable to keep this part of the agreement. Apparently, death is the price to be paid.

In the new contract, however, things are being shown in a much different light. It was considered a better agreement when compared to its predecessor, in fact, the contract that was drawn from the past was necessary in order to come up with a better pact, that is the latter. Here, the terms of the bargain have been changed. After all, it is a known fact that man is always going to fall short of his end.

One of the greatest point about this agreement is that it does not depend on the relationship between God and man. Instead, this is one between God and his son. Man has bee successfully taken out of the equation. Salvation is being offered to people in a different light. This focuses on people who ca receive the grace through the son.

Unlike in the past, the present agreement is now more geared towards pardoning people who are lost in their way. There is the gift that was provided in the form of Jesus Christ as the savior. Thus, people who believes in him are promised of everlasting life. With this contract, Jesus wen to the cross to ensure that everybody who believes in him, despite being sinners, will be spared from the wrath of God.

With this, there is a different agreement that has been established between God and between man. This means that the past doctrine is now replaced with a newer doctrine. According to experts of the biblical text, the latter agreement is now more emphasized towards how God encourages worship and encourages people to believe in him. Hence, the new agreement is deemed better.

It is essential that you will remember that between the old covenant vs new covenant, there are new aspects that are introduced. One, that there is freeness in the pardon that is provided buy God. There is fullness in the pardon that is offered. In addition, there is fixedness in the salvation that is being offered as well.

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