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Know More About Hope Ives Mauran

By Celina Heath
Hope Ives Mauran sites Providence in Rhodes Island as her place of birth before she moved to Hodson Valley in New York where she currently lives. She has three children. Her journey into the spiritual world began in the 1980s and was inspired by the words of Betty Eadie in the book Embraced By The Light. This was the book that opened her eyes to the possibility that life offers more than one can see.

Ives says that she started communicating directly with God in 1999. This was through her guides in spirituality. She realized that, contrary to conventional belief, she could talk directly with God through the things that He had created. This was the beginning of a new approach to understanding the wisdom of the world through the eyes of God.

Her writings, teachings and art have exemplified her deep affinity and connection with nature. She has authored several books including Be The Second Coming, Where The Wisdom Lies and Emotional transformation. Her artistic instincts have led her to create landscapes that are eco-spiritual friendly and modified. This deep sense of spirituality has been applied in drawings. This has given them incredible results and expanded the understanding of landscape in the lives of human beings.

According to the spirituality advocated by Mauran, the environment has a broader definition contrary to what human beings think. Human beings have an internal landscape that affects the way they interact with others and their spiritual strength. This brings a new dimension on the tools available to an individual who seeks to change the world.

Hope has a background in forestry. This could be the source of her landscape idea in spirituality. She majored in forestry at University of New Hampshire and went on to found the Trees for Rye. This is an organization that dedicated its efforts to planting trees. She served as a member of Rye Conservation Commission. She is a renowned author and an avid reader.

Be the Second Coming is one of the books that have propelled Hope and her idea of spiritual landscape to fame. It explores the intrinsic divine spirit of a human being. The exercises suggested in this book reveal God as one with His creation. An individual can easily handle fear and limitations in life if he can connect structures, people and animals.

Identifying the harmony in nature helps one to bring more change. Such a soul that recognizes this harmony is able to cause greater change. One feels relaxed as a result and has more power to reach greater heights. According to Hope, it is greed that has overtaken individual awareness on the existence of Christ. This has taken a lot of grace from humanity.

Hope Ives Mauran has identified exercises that can help individuals to establish a lasting personal relationship with Christ. One is able to view situations in the same way Christ would. This is the view that leads to transformation. Her books and other resources like videos are available online. They are affordable and will dramatically change the life of the reader.

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