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Joshua The Odyssey Gives A Perspective On The Most Famous Man In Human History

By Ines Brennan
Theckedath M Mathew MD, has written a book called Joshua the Odyssey of an Ordinary Man. The book is a novel and its focus is on the most talked about man in human history, Jesus Christ. Even though the name Yeshua was later translated to Jesus, we are talking about the same person. It is important to remember that even though languages and translations change, the person is always the same.

For those interested in knowing everything that they can about Jesus, this book will be very interesting. The book focuses on many events in his life that are not in the bible. The book speaks of many sources that Jesus got his wisdom from. Although, many believers will argue that Jesus got his wisdom from God, the author explains his versions of how this came to be. He points and facts and proofs that what he believes is true. To Christians, Jesus was God and did not need to learn anything from anyone. He came here for a purpose and that purpose was to save mankind.

Jesus is the Lord and savior to Christians. Although, different denominations may disagree over certain things, to many Christians Jesus was God in the flesh and is the only way to eternal life with God. Throughout history, there have always been Jesus critics. Some have even insulted the intelligent of believers. The author did many years of studying and research to try and prove his points in his book.

The main theme of the book is to find out who Jesus was. He talks about missing pages of the bible that greatly have affected a readers prospective of what the text is saying. These are the kind of thoughts that many people have had. Things such as who really wrote the bible and how accurate it is.

In this book, the author will point out to its readers how the bible is filled with myths and how there are actually lots of pages that are missing from it. The main point of the book is to find out more about Joshua and learn about the eighteen years of his life that are not accounted for in the bible. Many may wonder if he lived a normal life like most people do. Did he partake in marriage and have any children? Did he have any teachers who taught him what he knew? What other lands did he travel to besides the ones mentioned in the bible?

Jesus is talked about in a way that has not been known. It talks about how he was actually the first prophet to stand up for women’s rights. Women were always looked upon as lower than men throughout history and Jesus challenged anyone to prove that this was so.

Many will disagree with lots of points the author makes and may become angry. Others, may agree and be glad that someone is shedding some light on the truth. Either way, anyone who has a keen interest in Jesus will love reading this book.

Joshua the Odyssey of an Ordinary Man is a book that was not published just for those of the Christian faith. People of other religions will also find the book interesting. Even atheist will find the book worthwhile.

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