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Joining A Staten Island Christian Church

By Odessa Edwards
Staten Island Christian church is not the preserve of a few. It is open to members of the public. Conviction usually drives many people to make Sunday appearances. Such a resolution has to be strengthened by strong faith and personal decision so that to be a full time member. After finding people who are committed to evangelizing, it is advisable to support each other emotionally. The process of joining a particular Church can be broken down into a number of steps. Regular appearance will make someone to be considered as a committed person.

The initial step is basically making a leap of faith and fully accepting that Jesus Christ is indeed Lord and Savior. The just mentioned will be a landmark decision that will herald the beginning of a brand new life. The stage will be set for further improvements and with the progression of time; a person will be taken to a whole new consciousness level. Change will take place over a significant period of time.

There has to be that first appearance that lays the foundation for other processes to take place. It is not always easy for an unbeliever to have a change of heart and walk towards a church on a Sunday morning. It may take the words of a family member to achieve the desired results. A person can just feel that he needs some change in life and decide to search for a new life purpose by embracing religion.

New faces in the crowd can be those of people who are very familiar about this age old school of thought. However, such individuals can be members of other congregations who have decide to test other waters. A member, who has never been seen before, can simply be a Christian from another part of the country who has visited Staten Island on other business but has decided to make a stop at the nearest house of prayer.

If newcomer is genuinely interested by a service, he will feel compelled to connect with the pastor in question. It is usually allowed to jot down the contacts of the reverend. One can commit to attend next service with the intention of building faith and connecting with other believers. Customs of a church can either make an individual to be comfortable or uncomfortable.

In this part of the world, churches are differentiated by practices. Some are inspired by traditional schools of thoughts while a good number are associated with modernity. Before making a decision, it will be good to consider a number of factors. At the end of the day what will matter most will be whether or not; the spiritual condition of a person will improve.

Baptism is an important part of joining any church. Immersion in water has great significance. In most Christian circles, going down and rising up is simply symbolism for doing away with sin and embracing a new lifestyle.

Being part and parcel of any Staten Island Christian church should be an easy affair. One has to make a firm decision. A convicted individual will be baptized and will resolve to fully co-operate with fellow Christians.

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