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Jack Van Impe False Teacher Or Follower Of Christ

By Catalina Nielsen
There are two diametrically opposed views of Jack Van Impe false teacher is one opinion. The other is true pastor leading people to Christ through his televangelism. His faithful followers send money to support his television show that is on each week.

Van Impe was formerly associated with Jerry Falwell, who is himself a Baptist. He was a fundamentalist during his time spent as Falwells sidekick. He claims that religious dedication is all in his past, however.

To those who are more liberal followers of religious worship, that was a good move on his part. To those who condemn his current views, it is definitely moving in a bad direction. According to them, Van Impe has transferred his allegiance to The Pope and the Roman Catholic religion.

They are strongly opposed to his new beliefs. He has turned away from Jesus Christ in their estimation. They say he is now motivated by the Pope and his Catholic beliefs because he praises and claims to be in agreement with those them now.

Each person in this world can make up his own mind about what religious beliefs are worthy of following. A child who is raised up in one religion sometimes changes to another later in life. We all enjoy freedom of religion in the US as long as it does not infringe on the freedom of others.

Whether it is a good way, or an evil way will be confirmed on Judgment Day by the object of that worship. The Holy Bible has been interpreted, modernized to make it easier to read and each individual can make of it what he wishes it to be. The point of any religion should be kindness and good intent towards others.

Will heaven really be segregated into the various major religions and the many variations that branch out from each? As Jesus welcomed the little children, God will likely welcome the different denominations.

Van Impe has been called a false prophet and accused of betraying Jesus by praising the Catholic Religion and its followers. There is also criticism of Billy Graham, a religious leader who many believe to be beyond reproach. Graham has preached the gospel to people numbering in the millions in person and on television.

Van Impe is the host, along with his wife, Rexella, of a weekly half-hour television series. It is in the format of a news program, focusing on religious news. His wifes unusual name is a female version of her fathers name. He was Rex Shelton.

Jack and Oscar, his father, consumed alcohol when Jack was just a boy. Then, when he was twelve, his father had a religious conversion and became a missionary. They both stopped drinking immediately after that and never consumed alcoholic beverages again.

After Jack graduated from high school, he entered the Detroit Bible Institute where he earned a degree. In the course of his career, he was associated with Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell. Whether he should be regarded as Jack Van Impe false teacher, or true preacher of the gospel is a matter of opinion. Angel of God or son of the devil, is he either or in a more neutral position.

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