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Jack Van Impe False Prophet

By Stacey Massey
Jack Van Impe false prophet is a well known evangelist that is known to have an old daily show where in he would be preaching about the end times and relating the prophecies with current events. There are so many controversies surrounding this man because of all of the people he has talked about and the many prophecies he has told. So for those who are interested in the life of this man, this biography will give some insight.

Now he was originally a citizen of Belgium when until his parents Oscar Van Impe and Marie Louise decided to migrate to America some time in 1929. The reason why he chose the path of becoming a preacher was because his father was a missionary with very strong faith. The father and son would often be seen playing the accordion together for church ministries all over the states of America.

Somewhere in the late forties, he finished his high school and immediately went to the Detroit Bible Institute. From here, he earned a diploma from this institute in the early fifties and proceeded to sky rocket his career in preaching and televangelism. It is in this line of work where he was able to meet up with his future wife whose name is Rexella.

Now what made his show very interesting was the fact that he kept on talking about the Armageddon and how the current disasters that are happening right now are the signs. So before every show, Rexella would first discuss about a particular headline topic and would then allow her husband to speak about it. He would then be quoting Bible verses and talking about how that event is related to the prophecies.

The main topic of his shows would usually be about the New World Order and the end of times. He would often say that the world will be ruled in the future by one government under the governance of the Antichrist. He also believes that Russia as well as all the Middle Eastern countries will tried to invade Israel followed by China before Jesus descends to earth.

He was also a stern believer in the claim that the world is going to end in the year 2012. He even believed that the exact date of the end would be on December 21 which was supposedly the final date that was written in the Mayan calendar. Unfortunately, his reputation was a little bit scarred because of this false prediction that obviously did not come true.

Of course many people were also against him because of what he says about the Islamic people. According to him, Islam is a religion in which the leaders are binding the followers and controlling them. Because of this claim, many believers regarded him as a racist and prejudice human being.

He also had some kind of controversy with the Catholic Church because of his claims of false teachings from the Church. Although he disagreed with the Catholic Church at first, something made him change his mind and support the Church out of nowhere. Because of these controversial acts that he had made, many people had viewed him as Jack Van Impe false prophet.

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