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Jack Van Impe False Prophet Or Insane Leader

By Rhea Solomon
There have been a number of religious leaders that have been controversial. They are controversial not because of the religion they preach, but more often because of the way they teach their members. Sometimes, enthusiasm is mistaken for radicalism. Jack Van Impe false prophet accusations are stemming from a growing number of critics. Some people have the opinion that he hinders his members more than he helps them.

For some of the people out there who are not familiar with this person, Mr. Van Impe is a televangelist who has his own Christian network. Some people who have heard his teachings think it is controversial. His critics believe he forces his personal agenda on his followers by disguising it as Biblical teachings. Of course, this is the modus operandi of most false leaders. They tweak traditional scriptures to fit their own teachings.

Another complaint people have of this teacher is his method of controlling members of his group. He has been accused of using his own media to try and persuade people to share his beliefs. Aside from his television network, he also has a film company that produces low budget films. These films have a strong Christian message behind them.

Anyone who has seen his movies will notice the common message surrounding the films. These movies greatly criticize today’s society. A common theme is that people who participate and are involved in today’s lifestyle are doomed. This is because the world is basically immoral, and Christians should not participate in this.

Because of this, many of his critics believe that his teachings cause more hate that it does love. The critics argue that it causes people to distance themselves from people outside the church. It also teaches members to criticize nonbelievers and those who do not attend their church. This alienates the members from other members of society.

This church is also very big on the teaching of preparing for the end of the world. The problems of the world are supposedly cause by the immorality in the world. This can only be stopped by following the church’s teachings.

He believes that a new world leader will step in the near future, controlling the whole world and providing peace among all nations. He also says that there will be peace in the Middle East, but this will be disrupted by nations such as Russia, Iran, and China. Some fear that this breeds hate among his members towards these nations. Another concern is that this may trigger an attack by radical Christians that will cause more strife in the Middle East, for they believe that this is prophecy and this should happen.

All of these teachings make the Jack Van Impe false prophet accusations seem more real. His teachings at times appear to be a bit radical. This type of preaching also hurts his church and his members.

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