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Its All About Purple Arrival: Clergy Stoles Lent

By Aileen Smith
Lenten season has already started last month. It would last for about 6 weeks till Easter Sunday. It started from Ash Wednesday until Holy Thursday morning or till the eve of the Easter. During this duration, the clergy stoles provided are used during the mass or religious events.

Holy Week is the time for repentance of sins, penance, alms giving, and prayer for it remembered the life and death of Jesus. It recalls His suffering and sacrifice that He has actually made to save the world from sins on Excellent Friday. It also brings back the rebirth of Jesus on the third day which was mentioned in the Holy Bible. It is then the party of the Easter Sunday.

As many might note that throughout this season, many people are doing fasting where they give up some luxuries like eating meat during Fridays, traveling for vacation, or any associated luxuries to the one who is doing the penitence. During this season, the Roman Catholics and the Protestants eliminate flowers in the altar and cover some spiritual symbols with purple material to indicate the solemnity of the event.

Throughout the mass, the presider uses clergy stoles advent. In Roman Catholic, the stoles are worn on the shoulders and are hanging down towards the knees or below them. Other churches like the Anglican, put it on the left shoulder and cross it diagonally towards the right limb (like wearing a sash) to show a deacon; and it will be put on both shoulders, crossing over the chest, hanging it down and securing it with a cincture.

In a Catholic mass, there will be a discussion from the bible to be reviewed by lecturers and priest who is wearing clergy stoles provided. It is according to Luke, Matthew, and Mark Gospels. It states about Jesus’ before and throughout his public ministry, the denial of His disciple, when He was about to be captured by the guys of P. Pilate, His crucifixion, and His death on the cross. It is stated that this tradition lasts for forty days however the different denominations have different ways of counting it. In Western Christianity, Sundays are not included in the counting of the Lenten Season. Thus, it is forty days from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday. In Roman Catholic Church, it is only 38 days for it begins the exact same in Ash Wednesday but it only ends until Maundy Thursday.

There will be a mass on the celebration of Easter Sunday. The clergy stoles lent will not be worn any longer on that day. It will be changed with the gold-colored one. The Lenten season commemoration is done by various religious domination. It consists of the Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and the Methodists.

The wearing of clergy stoles has truly been noted since before. The clergies or the priests prepare their purple stole in various designs of threads, polyesters, embroideries, that shows the Lenten season. For example, aside from the cross, the HIS symbol could be consisted of on the stole. Actually, they could have it tailored in different shops online or in the neighborhood.

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