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It Is A Choice To Believe Or Reject The Idea Of Reincarnation It Can Be Believed But Cannot Be Proven

By Elena McDowell
Reincarnation is the religious concept that Buddhists, followers of Hinduism and a number of tribes believe in. However, there are more and more believers coming forth in the Western World. Some liken the concept to the death on the Cross and Jesus rising from the dead on the third day. Spiritually, they are equally believable.

Most Christians, Jews and followers of Islam reject the concept. However, there are sects within those religions that embrace the idea of reincarnation. The Kaballah, an offshoot of Judaism, is one example of a sect that accepts it.

Specific cases have been reported by philosophical and medical experts. In some instances they seem supportive of the concept. The case of Bridey Murphy was reported about a woman in Madison, Wisconsin who recalled a past life as a child in Ireland. Her rebirth occurred in Madison 59 years after the death of the Irish girl. The Madison housewife had memories that correlated with the life of that child.

Morey Bernstein placed the Wisconsin housewife under hypnosis and took her back to a time that happened before she was born. She spoke to him using an Irish accent as the child who existed in 19th century Ireland. When details were checked, they correlated with the events that happened in the life of Bridey Murphy.

Dr. Ian Stevenson, investigated in a different way. He interviewed children who had told stories of previous lives that would have required more sophistication than a small child would have. He kept detailed records, then later compared the facts. He used strict scientific protocol to document each fact.

Step one was collecting data from a child remembering a past life. Step two was identifying the facts of the life of the deceased individual the child remembered being. In the final step he made every effort to match the memories to the events in the life of the deceased, including comparing birth defects, birthmarks and healed injuries that could be verified through medical records.

Verifying each detail ruled out the possibility of falsehoods or someone perpetrating a scam. The children came from all around the world. All details support the reality of reincarnation.

He is definitely not a charlatan. He has spotless credentials including a medical degree, and scholarly writings done prior to the research into reincarnation. He has served as head of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia and Director of Personality Studies at that educational institution.

The tenets of Buddhism are somewhat different. They hold that no eternal soul exists. Instead there is a stream of consciousness. Following the death of an individual, he will be reborn. The various branches of the religion posit there are somewhere between five and ten realms of existence.

The traditional Buddhists think there are ten. Classification at the bottom is the depraved man. Each new rebirth advances the good person one link up the ladder. When he reaches the tenth level, he is considered to be a Buddha.

Reincarnation, backed up by facts or alluded to by religious beliefs, is something each person will choose to accept or decline the truth of. For those who do not want to think life ends with death, it is an attractive concept. Those who believe cannot be shaken and those who do not cannot be dissuaded from their denial.

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