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It's All About Vestments: Priest Albs

By Cynthia Morrison
Liturgical vestments can can be found in a selection of items. The word vestments are essentially comprehended as garments or garments. But through time, the term has actually been associated with the ecclesiastical concept and hence it had been connected to the concept of liturgical vestments. These vestments can can be found in many garments such as priest albs, deacon albs, cassock, stole, girdle, amice, chasuble and many even more. There could be a difference regarding the idea of vestments and clerical clothing. Liturgical vestments are taken as garment or clothes that is worn by priests during religious ceremonies and occasions. Clerical clothes on the other hand is used by clergy members in a daily basis and this is typically associated with the term “road clothes” or non-liturgical garments. Additionally, different aspect that makes a difference between these 2 is that fact that liturgical vestments are blessed prior to they are worn. Priests usually exercise the custom of washing their hands, kissing the garment and reciting a prayer prior to they use these. Non liturgical products on the other hand do not always follow this ritual.

The term “alb” originates from the Latin translation which means “white”. Thus, the priest albs are liturgical garments that mainly are available in a white shade of color. Its white shade of color is a sign of purity and innocence. It can come in numerous designs too such as lace albs. With the years, numerous embellishments were seen on these ecclesiastical pieces, however its standard total framework still remains. An alb is a long bathrobe or a tunic dress that is ankle length in design. This sort of liturgical vestment is mainly connected with the Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Anglican churches. It is normally used by priests and various other clergy members throughout religious events such as holy masses. It is worn over the cassock and under various other vestments such as taken, girdle, dalmatic and the chasuble. The chasuble is an additional external liturgical garment that can be found in various colors and embellished with different designs and they are commonly worn during Eucharistic events.

The history of these priest albs takes back as far as the Roman era. These ankle length robes were generally thought about as ordinary road garments by people throughout that time. Everybody uses this kind of structured clothing consisting of the priests and high officials. After the fall of the Roman Empire numerous papal officials have actually taken over a number of positions in the roman imperial courts. Due to its impact, the albs had actually developed into daily garments by the resident to clerical clothing. It had become connected with the spiritual concepts and it became clothing used by priests in addition to their assistants during mass.

There is no question of exactly how considerable these priest albs are. Certainly they are no normal piece of garment that is worn by religious people. Priests and other clergy members do not put on these garments for the sake of beautification or for fashion purposes. They are used since they hold sacred implications. The using of these products stands for the foundation of one’s spiritual conviction and how they affected and entered into lots of people lives.

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