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Is Jack Van Impe False Prophet?

By Maryanne Goff
There is one leading televangelist who has undergone some changes in his beliefs. Once connected to Jerry Falwell and his ministry, he has softened his stance against the Catholic church and their spiritual leader. He currently praises that institution. He expresses approval of the Pope. Due to his new attitude, some segment of the fundamentalist population has labeled him jack van impe false prophet.

Unlike the opinions he previously expressed, he now applauds the dictates of the Catholic church. He made a statement that the Pope gave him new direction. Some people understand this to be placing the Pope above Jesus Christ and his dictates. However, it is simply that he views the Pope in a reverential way.

The Christian broadcasting network recognizes the growing disagreement between themselves and Van Impe. Although they had a twenty year business relationship, he is not going to work with them any more. His money will be spent on broadcasting from new venues. He refuses to have constraints placed on what he says on the air.

Not many fundamentalist Christians are in favor of liaising with Muslims to find common interests and promote peace. This subject created a dispute between Van Impe and the station he used for twenty years. He criticized their choices of what programs to offer. He criticized the idea of adding Islamic beliefs to any Christian organizations. It is predicted that the world will end up with one government and one religion.

The new ambiguous opinions angered many people when he voiced them on air. People clearly remember his stand against Catholics and now he was praising the Pope. He also accepts the concept of Chrislam, which is a movement that intends to unite Christianity and Islam. It is not a popular concept among many people.

Jimmy Kimmel once did a skit about Van Impe on his nighttime talk show. He showed the preacher claiming that computer was a word that added up to 666 numerically. Then he talked about computers being faulty. Finally, he was depicted giving direction to the public on how to download content from his website. The audience was very amused by this skit.

After growing up in Michigan, Jack graduated from high school in 1948. He attended classes at Detroit Bible College. He worked while a student by organizing concerts and giving speeches to other students. In 1952 he graduated from college. He started working as a preacher immediately. He is noted for memorizing 14,000 bible verses. To this day he can recite them all.

He has traveled all over the country to preach the gospel truth as he sees it. From strict adherence to Baptist fundamentalism to his currently liberal attitude towards Catholicism, the Pope and Islam is a radical change. He went from preaching against them to promoting them as he does today.

The Trinity Broadcasting Network had a difficult time trying to accept his new attitude. He spoke against ministers he had once been in complete agreement with. When he began to preach against them, the network forbid him to use their names. For this reason, he parted company with the network, taking his program to other venues where he could say whatever he felt was necessary. He was called jack van impe false prophet for expressing some of his opinions.

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