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Is Jack Van Impe False Prophet In The Flesh?

By Rena Hudson
Religion is a subject that can be very touchy for many people. There are so many different beliefs and faiths in the world that a person can easily become confused with what to believe and what not to believe. Members of the same faith can seven sometimes have debates amongst each other. Many times, the blame goes to what people call false teachers. If you are a Christian believers and have heard of Jack Van Impe false prophet has certainly been a topic that you may have heard about this teacher.

The popularity of this preacher has come from his television program that airs internationally. He has a co-host who is also his wife, named Roxella. The two met while they both worked with the Billy Graham crusades and eventually got married in the year 1954. Together, they started their own ministry and have been partners in running it.

The ten subdivisions that are to be set up by Rome is also a regular topic that is discussed. Although he does use the bible to reference his teachings, many Christians do not agree with his interpretations of many biblical passages. A good example of this would be Jack van Impe believing that there will be on religion during the end times. This religion will join the world’s two largest religions, which are Christians and Muslims. This religion will be called Chrislam.

Those who believe Van Impe to be a false teacher, note that although it is alright to give away study aids for a donation, he has really made it a point to sell his films. They believe that he is only after people’s money and will lead them astray to get it. This is only one point that critics of the teacher point out.

Although most ministries will give away bible study aides for a donation. Most people feel that Jack Van Impe ministries have taken advantage of selling their products. He has been seen as a greedy money hungry person who is only out to sell his video tapes. This is only one point that his critics usually attack him on.

It is not uncommon for Jack to criticize other biblical teachers and politicians. Some of the people he has criticized include Joel Osteen, Oprah Winfrey and even the president of the United States, Barack Obama. He has been known by many as the “Walking bible” due to his excellent memory of bible verses.

Even though Jack Van Impe has many critics, he is not shy about attacking others who he believes are wrong in their doings. He has attacked Joel Osteen, who is another famous televangelist. Famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey has been attacked before. Even the president of the United States Barack Obama has been criticized. Jack is known by many as the “Walking Bible” because of his great memory of bible versus. This great memory does not convince a lot of people anything. He is still seen as a false teacher who is leading innocent people astray. Most of the Christian world do not have shared views with him.

The televangelist records his show in Rochester Hills, Michigan at the Jack Van Impe Ministries World Outreach Center. For believers of Jack Van Impe false prophet may seem like a derogatory title. Unfortunately for them, most of the Christian world do not think to fondly of the ministry.

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