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Is It Possible To Have A Dialogue With God The Creator

By Kelly Wood
A dialogue is a form of communication that takes place between two people irrespective of the form and medium used to pass the information. The time again does not always matter in case. The sender is able to send the message but we do not necessary sure whether the reply will be in form of actions performing what was asked or just sender the reply in form of another information for that matter. A dialogue with God is the communication that takes place between man or human beings and their creator.

In the story we are able to see Him instruct Abraham to leave his people and country and go to a foreign where he was to be told after he had left, Abraham then using a true blind faith, leaves his homeland and set his journey towards the place where he was told to go to all his properties.

When we look at that point of time in memory, we are able to realize that this was one of the hardest things to do, leaving ones people, country and the society where he was actually raised up to go to a foreign land was very difficult task to do. But we are able to see him leave and walk towards the direction where he was told to.

At the point of creation, the communication between God and man was at its extreme to the highest degree, He loved man and often times He used to visit man in the Garden of Eden just to communicate to him. He even used to present Himself to Adam and Eve so that they may be able to visualize His love for them.

This has changed significantly leading to the use of different media to pass His message to His people. In modern times, the Christian are able to get His instructions through the Bible and act on them according to how the teachings are. He realized the when the words are not written down, then human beings do forget very fast and so he facilitated the writing of the bible to ensure that the words are kept as fresh and that they are not contaminated in any way.

The Christians can easily talk to God through prayers and that is depicted on the type of prayer which Jesus taught His disciples. They are to humble themselves towards because it is only through the humble prayers we offer to God that can be able to receive a reply form.

So in the Old Testament, there was an existence of direct dialogue between man and God. In the New Testament, we Him bring and offer His son as a living sacrifice to the human beings, and this changed the mode of communicating to Him. Instead of communicating to Him, the Christian by then use pass through Jesus to reach Him in their prayer.

They do, and it is commonly done through prayers. The earlier writings about God which were transformed into Bible depict the type of communication which exists in the present world. God inspired the writings of these books and verses in the Bible.

This is to enable Him pass His message to the few elect who may want to know more about his words. A dialogue with God therefore has gone through revolutions and changes from the ancient time to the modern time taking different format

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