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Is It Possible To Have A Dialogue With God

By Corinne Kelley
Is it possible for believing Christians to have a dialogue with God? Many people who worship Jesus Christ on a daily basis still doubt that talking to God and getting an answer is meant for them. Others feel that they do converse with the deity in a give-and-take exchange of words. What is the truth of this age-old question?

Whenever there is a question about spiritual things, the scriptures are the place to start. What does the Bible tell us about this and other subjects? It is always better to check anything you hear and read by consulting the actual Word of God before accepting it as doctrine. Of course, sometimes we all need help and guidance in understanding the Word, but your own spirit will affirm any truth. If you have doubts, the Holy spirit might be telling you to hesitate.

In the scriptures, we find records of actual verbal exchanges between the Lord and man. God instructed Adam on how to live in the garden, including a warning not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We do not find Adam’s response to these commands, but later he does answer the Lord.

When Adam and Eve are hiding from the Lord, God asks, ‘Where are you?’ and Adam answers Him. Adam confesses his disobedience and God passes judgement. Words are used for this event; it is not merely God speaking and man listening. God also talks to the next human, Cain, when He rejects his offering. God takes him to task later for killing Abel, passes judgement, and responds to Cain’s plea for some mercy.

We have now seen at least two human beings that talked with God. A case may be made for Enoch also being in this company as he walked with God for 300 years; Enoch did not die because the Lord took him away. God talked to Abraham and even appeared to him in the form of the Angel of the Lord.

The Bible has this to say about Moses: ‘Since then (when Moses died), no prophet has risen in Israel like Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face.’ The Lord spoke to Joshua, the next leader of the Israelites, but apparently not in the way He did with Moses. God continued to instruct His people throughout history. He spoke to Solomon in a dream, offering to grant a wish, and Solomon answered, asking for wisdom.

New Testament accounts include Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus. Paul later says that he spent the next three days blind but in the company of the Lord, who he got to know in the same way that the other apostles did – which infers seeing and speaking to Jesus as well as being appointed to the work of the kingdom.

The Bible tells us that God changes not. There is no reason why He cannot speak to men and women today as He did in the past. Of course, there are many other ways to meet the Lord; prayer, praise, and listening with heart and mind are some of them. If you have a dialogue with God and it does not contradict His commands and wishes expressed in the scriptures, don’t be afraid to accept the incredible fact.

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