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Information Concerning Sightings Of Jesus

By Lila Barry
All around the world people from different backgrounds and beliefs have claimed sightings of Jesus. These claims have been through posted videos, verbal claims, written claims, as well as pictures of what they claim to be this Christian figure. For some it seems to be truth, but for others, a complete act to gain publicity, or start controversy.

In most cases claimers will post their picture or video along with a short detail of where they were and what they were doing when the video or photo was taken. In some cases, the claimer does not even realize what they captured until they review their pictures and videos. In other cases, the footage is taken on purpose to catch the sight while it is taking place.

Those claiming they are of the Christian faith tend to not believe that Christ has actually appeared in true form to anyone, though He does make His presence known in different ways. Their belief is that Christ will come back to Earth and get His people to live for eternity with Him and His Father, in Heaven, though the hour and day are unknown.

Some see the reports of witnesses claiming to see Christ just as ridiculous as those who have claimed to see aliens or other life forms on Earth. Though everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, many believe that these reports are false and those reporting simply want a moment in the spotlight. On the other hand, there are real believers of both, sights of Christ, and those of aliens.

In today’s society, one must be careful when discussing topics such as this, religion, politics, sex, and so on, to be sure not to offend anyone. When visiting these social media sites, there are often opinions of these claims that oppose others, and start arguments. These topics are widely disagreed upon, yet many people do agree on certain aspects of each topic discussed.

Other than controversy, there are other similarities among the proclaimed sights of Christ, as well as those of UFOs and other life forms. Many claim to see intensely bright lights, and shadows or ghost-like figures. And none claim to hear any type of noise or sounds associated with what they say they see.

In most cases, those who claim these sights often capture their experience via photo or video, typically on their smart phones while out and about. Many of these videos and photos are posted by their owners on various social media web pages for all to see. Once posted, the claimers and those who view the post can comment on what they see and how they feel about it.

Online research is the recommendation for anyone seeking more knowledge concerning sightings of Jesus. Upon researching, one can draw their own conclusions as to whether they believe the claims are real or publicity stunts. Another research tool is interviewing the claimer, to gain their perspective and see their proof before making any final decisions.

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