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Information About The Story Of Joshua In The Bible

By Alison Wilcox
The story of Joshua in the Bible is a tale of leadership, courage, wisdom, resilience and faithfulness to God. When the other spies were intimidated by the size of the people, who inhabited Canaan, he had the faith to believe that such people could be defeated by the help of the Almighty. The works of the good Lord were mightily manifested during the reign of Joshua and a full record of such works can be found in some old testament books.

This valiant soldier of Israel was born in Egypt. Therefore, he was part of the generation that witnessed the Red Sea being parted into to two by the Lord. During that historical moment, he was not only a mere observer but was also a commander in the army that defeated the battalions of Pharaoh that wanted to prevent the chosen people from proceeding with their journey.

In Hebrew language, Joshua is known as Yehoshua meaning Yahweh is salvation. This can be translated to as Jesus son of Naue, but Christ who is the son of God is known as Jesus of Nazareth. For this reason many similarities have been established between Jesus Christ who died on the cross for sins of humanity and Joshua who delivered his people to the land the Lord had promised. Both the stories show the direct involvement of God and the events were supernatural in all aspects.

One great and marvelous event which happened at the time of his rule was when the sun and moon stood still. This happened because he made an unusual request to the lord and asked for the sun and the moon to stand still so that he could conclude his fight with the Amorite kings and their armies. The day was prolonged and he was able to defeat the kings through the help of the Almighty who hauled hailstones from the skies to completely destroy the Canaanite people.

Many religious books have documented well the success of this exceptional being. He brought down the walls of Jericho which could not be done by any man, thus many people remember him for this. It is after bringing down the Jericho walls that his people were able to posses the land Canaan. This land was later divided and given to the people under his supervision.

Faith in God is what made Joshua to be a great man. Most of his accomplishments could not be achieved by a normal person. His supernatural belief made him to furnish an encouraging report to the Israelite when most people were very pessimistic about the possibility of defeating Canaanite men who were people of huge stature.

Even as he was about to die, his religious conviction was very obvious. He summoned the elders and chiefs and told them never to fellowship with native population so as not to be corrupted and turn away from the Almighty. Finally, he went home to be with the Lord at the ripe age of 110.

The story of Joshua in the Bible normally inspires many people. This is because; the man behind the tale was a very rare human being. He was a guy of unflinching morality, faith and courage.

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