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Important Lessons You Learn After Enrolling In Any Of The YWAM DTS Locations

By Megan Landry
YWAM DTS means youth with a mission Discipleship Training School. This organization has branches in various parts of the world. The aim of this organization is to teach individuals more about God and to strengthen people in their faith. When you enroll in any of the YWAM DTS locations, you learn very many things that can be very helpful in life.

The good thing about Youth with a mission organization is that you can enroll in whatever location that is nearest to you. When you enroll for the program, you attend lessons where you learn a number of things. One of the most important things that organizers seek to establish is to enable people cultivate a living relationship with God. This is to enable people know that God is real and that they need Him in each day of their lives. This way, people will learn to depend on God for direction in whatever they do.

If you are going to share the Gospel, it is important that you are adequately equipped. During the training, people are taught how to share the Gospel effectively without coming out too strong. An effective way of sharing the Good News is important if you want people to listen to you.

Sharing the Good News is particularly hard especially when you have to speak to those of a different culture and religion. Therefore, a person needs certain skills to be able to do so. Through the training that people undergo, one is taught the different things they have to consider as they share the Gospel with people of a different cultural background. These skills are essential to people who might volunteer to work in a different continent.

Most people may think that the training school only teaches about evangelizing. The school teaches people other important things like having a strong foundation in God. In life, there are many temptations and in order for one to overcome them all, they need to lay a strong foundation. People learn about the basic principles of Christian living that enable them to live a fulfilling life.

When one goes through the training, they also get to learn about worship. Worship is an important thing that God desires people to do. Therefore, it is essential that people know how to worship God. The creative arts in Worship classes give people an opportunity to worship God with different aspects of creative arts. This program also enables people to nurture their art talents.

One of the most beneficial things that students can have in DTS is the practice that comes after attending lessons in classroom. After students learn about evangelizing, they go for a cross-cultural mission where they get to use what they learned in class. This is a great avenue as through practice; people learn many more things that they would not have been able to learn had they been in class only.

The various YWAM DTS locations offer essential lessons for people who seek to develop a stronger relationship with God. It also gives an opportunity for those who may want to reach out to the less privileged in the word through volunteering their time and services. By attending the training offered, you are likely to have a stronger relationship with God and know how to share the Good News.

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