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Important Considerations For Every Modern Wedding Photographer In Singapore

By Alicia Moore
Today the role of a professional wedding photographer in Singapore does not only involve documenting a special day in the lives of a bridal couple. Singapore wedding photographers now are not only asked to cover their client’s wedding, but also to capture other special events weeks or days before the big day. It’s also true that modern bridal couples in Singapore have more freedom when it comes to their wedding, with some couples even opting to choose non-traditional or destination weddings.

Hence as a wedding photographer, it is your task to be flexible in terms of photography styles and techniques to employ. Remember that Singapore is a country that enjoys a vast cultural diversity. This means that throughout your career, you will handle various types of weddings that reflect different cultures and religions, including Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist weddings.

Common Wedding Photography Equipment And Tools

To become a competitive wedding photographer, you need to have a set of central photography equipment and tools. The most basic tool that you have to purchase is a reliable camera. For quality shots, you need a DSLR camera, although you can still use a film-based SLR camera if you favor this type. Many wedding photographers now also use different lenses, such as those ranging from 24-70mm 70-200mm to 50mm.

As a photographer, you might also need to buy the following: a tripod, a flash, reflectors, and a wireless trigger. For the post-processing of the photos you would want to use a reliable photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom, based on your preference.

Traditional And Modern Wedding Photography Techniques

When it comes to wedding photography singapore photographers generally employ two methods, and both are useful in telling a relevant story of “who” and “what”. It is common for a wedding photographer Singapore to employ the traditional approach where the bridal couple and other guests would pose for the camera. Its main objective is to tell who are the people present in the wedding. The shots are usually the ones that land in a family photo album.

On the other hand, contemporary wedding photography is known for its spontaneous, reportage style. Through this technique, the wedding photographer is able to capture the real emotions of the couple and their guests, such as happiness, excitement and love. And unlike the traditional style, this technique enables the wedding photographer to take shots of every part of the wedding as it unfolds before their eyes.

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