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Importance Of Conducting Prayers For Humanity

By Dawn Williams
Prayers may be defined as talking to God while humanity may be defined as the act or the quality of being a human being. Therefore prayers for humanity may refer to talking to God about the well being of human beings. The prayer intention of the prayer is to enable people to coexist peacefully. There are several importance of conducting prayer for humanity. Some of the importance includes the following.

The first impact it has in our lives is that through prayers we are able to ask God what we want and he is able to answer our prayers. The Bible says that God will grant us whatever we ask from him. The only way asks things from God are through prayers. The things we ask from God directly and positively affect our lives. For instance, if we as that there be peace and God answers our prayer by prevailing that peace. We are then able to interact and to coexist peacefully as we relate with each other. This is a positive impact of prayers in our lives.

The Bible at Ephesians Chapter Number 6 verse 10 says that there are several battles and struggles which we are fighting here on Earth. The intention of the devil is to woe as to sin against God. He therefore engages us on several spiritual battles. These spiritual battles can only be fought by spiritual means. The prayer therefore provides the spiritual means of fighting these battles.

The Bible says that the struggle is not physical hence cannot be fought through physical means. The struggle is spiritual hence requires spiritual interventions. Prayer is significant in fighting such struggle. It calls for the power of God for us to be able to win the battle against Satan. Jesus taught people how to pray because of the significance of prayer in our lives. It also makes us to be close to God the creator.

Even when the Satan went to tempt him, he prayed to God to grant him with the wisdom to overcome the temptation. This showed that through prayer, God is capable of guiding and protecting us from any evil which Satan my plant against us. We should therefore also pray to God constantly in order for us to overcome the struggle here on Earth.

These fruits impact our lives positively. For instance, we cannot harm those whom we love therefore if everybody in the whole world is loves each other with the Godly love, there will be no instances of insecurity. People with live peacefully and without any fears. The love and the peace is realized the through the prayer.

Prayers also help us to overcome certain circumstances which we cannot change on our own. For instance, the sick are healed from prayer; God also gives us guidance on how to handle prevailing situations in our lives, and many other miracles which are conducted by prayers. All these show the manifestation of the importance of prayer for humanity in our lives.

All these show the impact of conducting prayers for humanity. However it is also important to note that prayers should be conducted in a quiet place. When communicating to God, there should be no any disturbance around. After praying to God, we should be patient enough to wait for the answer from Him. He may give us an answer immediately or he may tell us to wait.

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