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Importance Of Churches In Renton

By Nita McKinney
Churches are places where people meet to pray, sing, worship and fellowship God together. The place of worship does not necessarily need to be a large building or magnificent structure but it can be a gathering of people with similar beliefs and practices. Many church goers congregate on Sundays while others do so on Saturday depending on their faith of the day of Sabbath. Churches in Renton focus mainly on teaching the word of God to the masses.

The roles of churches in the communities of today are very important since they influence the stability and success of the society people live in. They preach and emphasize on the importance of unity and coexistence among people since it is the only way towards a stable society. Their teachings also encourage the internalization of morals from childhood to adult hood hence a person grow up knowing what Christianity permits and what it prohibits.

In Renton there is a great number of churches due to the large Christian community living there. New life church is one of them. This is one of the biggest churches in the region despite it starting from the home of two sisters who used to fellowship at their home and latter founded the church many decades ago. Today it has a huge number of followers who attend Sunday services every week and other events in between.

The second is Word of life church. It is a multiethnic church which believes in community. By this, they teach on the importance of helping one another spiritually and morally, assisting the needy and bringing the good news to the spiritually poor. They teach on the importance of togetherness and internalization of the world of God as being important with regards to spirituality.

There is the celebration church ministry. It is a youthful church full of energy and zeal to enjoy the word of God their way. The leaders of this church have seen the need to design programs that keep the young members involved in since they are vulnerable if left alone. They organize youth camps and family dinners to build a sense of togetherness at the same time having fellowship with God.

The northwest life church is yet another one. This one started as a small local church but over the years it has grown very big in terms of the size of the congregation and also the building they worship in. The church leadership strives to reach out to people having various needs be they spiritual, financial or physical. To achieve this, the church has partnered with other interested groups to reach more people.

The city view church is next in the list. The leadership of this church is chaired by Chester Gross who is the lead pastor. They aim at reaching out to people so as to spread the gospel more and further. They assist the sick and the needy just as the holy book suggests.

Churches in Renton are growing day in day out and this is an indicator of their importance in the society. The work they do in uplifting people cannot be matched with any that of other institution. They are truly heaven sent.

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